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GOOGLE decided to send my wife a free item, mini version of Google Home device. Okay.

Mailed it to her a couple WEEKS ago. Then, it "made the rounds" of FedEx stops..........ending up in Troutdale, Oregon distribution center. Allegedly then to be put on a truck to us in Central Oregon, Terrebonne to be exact.

Not so fast!!!!! Some irresponsible knucklehead choosing not to do the job they are being paid to do, decided to put the item on a delivery truck for Troutdale???

But where in Troutdale???

When the item could not be delivered to our non-existent address these goofballs decided to just send it back to the sender, GOOGLE!

We verified that FedEx HAS our address as the recipient but they chose to NOT deliver the item to us!

I will not let this stand and take further action.

Use UPS or USPS in a pinch. but NOT fedex.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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