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As with many other complaints, the notice stuck in the shop door (Not the front door of the house) says that an attempt was made and no one was home. Funny how that happens when my wife took the ENTIRE day off so she could be here.

The only time she wasn't in the living room was when Lowe's delivered supplies and she(along with the Lowe's semi truck) were in the driveway next to the house. When I called the shipper (Verizon) and told them they did a conference call with a supervisor who promised a second delivery attempt and a call back with the delivery status. Big surprise, no call and the FedEx truck went past the house at about 60 to 70 MPH in a POSTED 35MPH zone! Even Domino's Pizza figured out that slowing down to the posted limits has a better community impact.

A second call and even Verizon could not get any cooperation from the company THEY PAID TO MAKE THE DELIVERY! The next day my phone that was supposed to be replaced as it was having concerns died while I was on the phone with Verizon. Verizon did all that they could do, but because of FedEx it will over a week before I can get a replacement. That means a week of not having contact in the field (I do Internet installations), a week with no GPS to find the customer address, and no way for my wife to call me in an emergency.

That does not account for my wife's full day out of work, or the full next day we BOTH stayed at home for a second attempt that never happened. The bottom line, Fed Ex is NOT interested in providing anything close to a professional service.

Want something delivered correctly? Ship it UPS, USPS or Pony Express, all of which are more professional and reliable than FedEx.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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