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Careful wasting any time spending a day at home for a scheduled delivery. On my 3rd and final day of an attempt I arranged to be home all day.

3:30 rolls around, nothing. I called support. They said driver was there at 12:27. Um, no.

I was here all day. Nothing. My dog barks when anyone pulls into our cul de sac, nothing. I was on my PC 20 feet from front door most of day, no knock no doorbell.

I have Door Tags (missed deliveries) for the 1st attempts. Nothing on the 3rd day, though customer support says driver logged a visit this day. I said I have no door tag, prove it. Give me a record, prove it.

Nothing. I get their customer advocate center, they are nice. I get a promise of a return call, and/or a reship for the day. 6pm, still waiting.

No response. FedEx Express sucks. They lie, they fabricate.

Don't trust them to do the job.

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