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I had a package to be delivered in Hays Kansas. I never recieved it.

Come to find out that the courier delivered it to the wrong address. The courier, short dark haired, wrinkled lady was the one who came and told me she could not get my package back where she delivered it. I called claims and all they said was "it was delivered on time" the package had the correct address on it. So I am with out the package and the money.

And that *** of a courier can go to ***, I bet she stoled it, she looked that type.

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i ordered a walmart dvd on xmas eve they say at fed ex it was delivered and i have nothing at my door as it says and i and many others were here at the hours it says it was delivered


Fedex lost my package to. Claims said it was delivered put in the front door.

Never did find it. Fedex are losers.


Fedex lost my item too, it should be arrived on June 22, 2009. now its Sept.

1, 2009. tracking said the item was left by the front door. It shouldn't, I have my parents waiting for this delivery.

Fedex denied my claim with out reason. What other action can I take, if so email me,


i was suppose to recieve a package today also...they cant get a hold of the driver..somebody named s.williams signed for it...not the first time that it happened either...had a package delivered two the wrong address last time i used fedex...they are terrible


Fed ex loses some packages all day long!!!

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