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A title company shipped closing papers to me using Fedex Express. It was to be delivered 3/24/16.

"Due to circumstances beyond our control we could not deliver your package." It was finally delivered on 3/25 after 4pm. I managed to contact the Title company with questions. We hung up and I ran into another dilemma. I couldn't contact the title company, they were closed.

I decided to attempt to get the package delivered on Monday the 28th. However in a 175 mile radius there were no Saturday pick ups. I called Fedex and was given an address in Gran Rapids, a three hour drive. We had to make it by 4 pm.

The address given was WRONG. The doorman at the Masonic Temple gave me the correct address and we made it with 28 minutes to spare. Repeated calls to Fedex were pointless, their response has been, "oh, we're really sorry." No offer of restitution or resolution.

I will NEVER use Fedex again! The Post Office or UPS would have been easier AND more efficient.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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