Attempted to send a gift ($28.00 T-Shirt) to a young man in Ontario Canada. Sounds easy? Well, apparently its not so easy for FedEx. I went down to the FedEx store in Austin TX on June 20, 2011. I spoke to their representative and informed him of what i needed to do. He gave me 2 forms to fill out. So, i filled out both forms completely. These forms asked for the obvious - names, addresses, emails and phone numbers for the sender (me) and recipient (my friend). The forms also asked for the listing of the package contents (a $28.00 T-shirt). So far its going well, and there are no surprises...

10 days later, my Canadian friend tells me he hasn't received the package. I was told it should be there by June 25, 2011. At this point, i pulled out my receipt with the tracking #. Interesting to see that the package is infact in Canadian customs. The last date on the tracking information is 8 days ago (June 23, 2011). Hmmm. It's been sitting there for 8 days. This just sounded odd. I wasn't shipping produce or ammo or pills, for heavens sake its a dam T-shirt.

SO i send an email to FedEx with the tracking #. They reply simply that it is held up in customs, but offer no details. Thanks, i think i already knew this. SO i call FedEx. The representative informs me that they need the recipient to fill out a "power of attorney" - its called 'ONE-TIME GENERAL AGENCY AGREEMENT AGENT'S AUTHORITY FOR ENTRY OF A SINGLE IMPORTATION'. Hmmm. I ask her to email me a copy of this form. Guess what, it asks for all the same information that i already provided to FedEx twice...

At this point i informed her that i wanted the package returned to me, and that i insisted on a refund of my shipping fees since they were clearly unable to provide the services for which i paid ($18.12). The representative then asked me for my address stating that she didn't have it. REALLY, thats odd because i personally wrote it on the two forms i was given June 20th. At this point i demanded that she get a supervisor on the phone.

We go over the story, and the supervisor informs me that they need a further description of the goods shipped. Hmmm, does anyone here know how to spell T-shirt differently. Are you serious? For heavens sake its a dam T-shirt...

Maybe the people in Austin should have given me ALL the forms i needed on June 20th? Maybe i goofed by not listing the goods as a shirt (no T)? Maybe its legal for a minor to fill out a "power of attorney" in Canada? Who knew it was so difficult to mail a T-shirt to Canada.

If i never see the T-shirt again i wouldnt be surprised. I will sue them over the $28.00 shirt if they loose or destroy it. I will also sue them over the $18.12 shipping fees (mainly on general principle, and for just plian being BAD). People of Canada should sleep well knowing their borders are secure! Too bad America can't do that with the US Mexico border... I hear shipping a T-shirt to Canada is HARD. Thanks for nothing FedEx!

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so days after i instructed you to return the shipment to me (as you were unable to do your job correctly in the first place) you contact my Canadian friend and tell him that you need him to fill out an authorization form?

For starters, we already determined that i wanted the package RETURNED to me, so why in the world would you bother him?

Secondly, i have to wonder why you were able to call him on July 4th while the package was tied up in customs since June 23rd? You had his phone number since day 1. Maybe this is a number you should have called immediately upon realizing that there were concerns/problems? Just maybe it would have made sense to allow the package (that was time sensitive) to sit there for 10 days before you called a phone number you had all along?

Lastly, i already told you that hes a minor, so he cannot sign any documents legally.

I'm NOT going to say this again FedEx - leave my Canadian friend alone and return my package to me. You will be refunding my the shipping fees. I highly recommend that you do this, and try not to loose or destroy the package ok? Again, thanks for nothing, good going...


total morons.

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