I ordered a package on Saturday with 2 day shipping. I understand that Memorial Day was a holiday and they don't deliver then, but I was expecting the package today. I stayed home all day waiting for this package.

The tracking number said it was put on the truck at 830 in the morning and would be delivered by 7 pm today.

Around 6 I open the door to discover that there was a note saying "Sorry we missed you, sign here and we will deliver the package". I was home all day. I didn't hear the doorbell, a knock, or anything. Failure Fedex.

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they knock like you New Englander hairy knuckled freak


So we are to believe that FedEx used ESP to get you to answer the door?

Trust me, you think they want to spend the time the following day to try

your delivery again? I don't think so. They ring doorbells and knock...duh.

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