Having had difficulties with FedEx in the past, I was hesitant to order something knowing that the company used FedEx as their mail carrier. However, I ordered a package for a family members' birthday (which is tomorrow) and it was unfortunately shipped through FedEx.

The package was in Earth City, Missouri - approximately 20 minutes from my home - 4 days ago. On December 5th and 6th the tracking information showed the estimated delivery date as December 6th. However, the package - which has been in my city for 3 days now - still shows that it is in transit. The tracking information no longer shows an estimated delivery date.

As my city is not that large it does not make sense to me why it should take over 3 days for the package to arrive. I just called the customer service number and was told that my package is "in transit" so there is no way to tell me when it might be delivered. If that is the case why does FedEx even offer a tracking number? When I asked how long it might take to be delivered, I was told that it could be in transit for up to 10-15 days.

Seriously, 10-15 days for a package that has already been in my city for 3 days? I have received a number of packages this week from both UPS and the USPS, all of which were delivered quickly and efficiently - with reliable, working tracking numbers. I will be greatly disappointed if my package is not here by tomorrow.

This experience has reaffirmed my distaste with FedEx and rest assured I will go out of my way to never use this company again.

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