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FedEx did it to me again. Was waiting on another package to arrive.

I am a photographer and I was waiting on my pictures to come in so I could meet with a client. Waited all day for my package to come and when I went out go get my mail I noticed the sticker on my door waiting for my signature. The person did not ring my door bell at all or even try to knock on the door. So instead of going to get my package I waited until the next day so I could confront the person delivering my package.

This time I got to catch the guy. I watched him through the peep hole in the door and as he was putting my package down I opened the door and confronting the man. I asked him why he keep leaving a sticker instead of ringing my door bell? His response was I did ring your door bell.

Sorry sir no you did not I was home all day long waiting for you. I pushed the door bell and said look it works I can hear it from anywhere in the house try again you did not ring the bell. He got real snotty with me cause he knew I was right. His response was okay its just quicker to leave the sticker and come back later.

I told him I have his name he does it again I am going call the office and complain to his manager directly instead of customer service. He was not happy with me at all but oh well its his job.

Original review posted by user Nov 04, 2013

Today I was home all day long expecting a package from FedEx. When I went outside to put something in my garbage can I noticed the sticker stuck to my door they leave for the person to sign when you are not home.

Well I have been home all day long and my door bell did not ring to let me know that FedEx was there. This has happened to me many times. I am a stay at home mom so I am home all the time. There is no reason for FedEx not to ring my door bell.

The package that I was suppose to get today was really important and I needed it today. I understand they have a deadline to meet but there is no need to just stick a sticker on the door and walk away. I called customer service to complain about this and to see if they could make the delivery driver bring my package back today and I was told I could pick it up at the store. But the store is 45 mins from my house and I am not going to travel that far.

The response I got was I am sorry miss but your package will be delivered tomorrow. Some customer service they have.

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