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I had a package sent from a company in Texas to California with expected delivery on 10/21 and by the end of the day the tracking information stated attempted delivery and no one home. I found that interesting since I took the day off to receive the package and even kept my front door open so I would not miss the delivery.

I called within 5 minutes of the posted "attempted delivery" time online and was actually told since my package was sent ground which is the least expensive alternative he can not return and I would have to wait until the next day, today.

I made attempts to call the facility to make sure I will not have the same problem today and to no avail and yet my package does not show any movement from the facility as of yet. As I read the other posts I see that it really doesn't matter how much is paid they just don't really care.I will never use fedex again the customer service is bad and when I need something done and I pay for it to get done at a reasonable time regardless of what I pay I should get that service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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At least you guys got the package to your address, mine was delivered to some place else and when the guy refused it it was immediately shipped back to the sender . Upon calling the costumer service the guy was rude and told me that the shipper asked it to be returned, when i called up dell said they did not have anything to do with it. *** morons at fedex are a bunch of idiots who try to escape their work.

hope the company goes bankrupt.


Very similar thing just happened to me. Waited all day, checked for the door tag within 10 minutes of them posting the fake "attempted delivery" but there was none.

Called, and on second call was told I was lying about the missing doortag. Waiting another full day tomorrow at home, after which I presume they'll fake it again and then send it back, and it's something I may never be able to get a refund on.

I used to have a high opinion of this company but I'm horrified by how I was treated today, and by the abysmal service level. FedExFail!

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