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I was an independent contractor for Fed ex ground. I have recently sold the route.

Reason for post is I saw firsthand. How FED EX management's only concern is to get the packages out of the building. What I mean is as soon as the packages are on the outbound trucks. They become the sole responsibility of that contractor.

That means your "package" is being handled by a driver who is working for a contractor. Making $75-$100 a day. Working in excess of 10hrs a day. Here is an example of the service you might receive.

Sanofi - Pasteur is a shipper who uses fed ex ground (Pittston Pa. Armstrong rd.) a"driver"did not want to return to the terminal in Pittston pa. with packages that he did not deliver. For fear of being reprimanded by management.

So this driver scanned all of the packages as delivered placed them in a bag and hid them outside behind a rock near the terminal. These packages were later found and it was brought to the attention of management. Oddly this driver is still employed with FED EX.

They preach "integrity" is there #1 priority. Really?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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#482117 someone who also works out of that facility, I can state with 100% certainty that the driver in question was ABSOLUTELY fired over this incident. So, yea, good luck with that.


This poster U2ser is correct! I would have been fired if I treated the customers the way FedEx treats me! I have a recent post of a problem I am having with the right now.


This is sort of misleading...I am a FedEx Ground contractor and own 7 trucks. My drivers get paid $150 a day for their first year with raises after than, and are generally out 8-9 hours.

If any of MY drivers pulled any of this ***, it is instant termination. I agree terminal management can be total jerkoffs, but ultimately, it is up to the contractor to perform up to the requirements of the contract.

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