Apple sent me an iPod replacement for a recalled version over the holidays. Since I was on vacation FedEx Ground made three attempts to deliver it without me being home. I called FedEx once I returned home and scheduled a delivery for the next Saturday (the only day of the week that I am home). I stayed home the entire day (first day home in nearly 3 weeks) waiting for FedEx and they never showed up.

I called again on Monday. Was escalated to a Customer Service Advocate somewhere in Ohio I think. They did basically nothing but email someone at the Grayslake, IL facility with the package and get them to call me. I was told that the reason that the package didn't show up as agreed originally was because some had a personal emergency. Seriously - FedEx is so dependent on a single person that it can't accommodate a personal emergency?

I offered many alternatives for me to get the package since I'm not home during the week

- I offered that they could change the delivery address to my office

- I offered that they could move the package to an alternative FedEx Ground location closer to my house

- I offered that they could leave the package at my house without signature and I would accept the risk

Neither of these were supposedly possible because of the agreement that is in place between Apple and FedEx.

We finally agreed on a 9-12am delivery window for this morning. It's now 12:45pm and I still don't have the package and have needed to make another round of phone calls. The latest commitment was that the driver would be at my house in 15 minutes. That was 30 minutes ago. I was also now told that they "were going to try to deliver the package to me this morning from 9-12" which was a very different conversation than the one I had the day before with the contact at the Grayslake facility.

For a company that supposedly has a core competency in logistics I'm seriously doubtful and I think it's pretty clear that their ability to handle customer service is atrocious! I will NEVER proactively choose to use FedEx ground again. At least if I use the Post Office I know it's a government run organization and I expect incompetence. Had I known that FedEx was going to waste another 4 hours (or more) of my time on the second Saturday that I've been home in 4 weeks I would have taken the hour to drive to the facility and pick up the *** package. This is all for a cheap $45 iPod!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I am told by Fed-Ex that the home I have lived in for 30 years does not exist. This is the SECOND shipment of very temperature sensitive and time sensitive medication that they have screwed up.

Last time, in December of 2012, I had to drive 35 miles round trip at 10:00 at night to their facility in Grayslake, Il. to pick up my medication. When I got there they kept me waiting for an hour and a half for my medication. There is no such thing as customer service with FedEx.

My mailservice with the USPS is better. :(

And as for whomever said "taking I bet tou were happy with our service before this incident" bull. In May I ordered concert tickets and again paid for home delivery service again guaranteed by ticketmaster and fedex delivery confirmation to arrive on a specific day.

Not only did fedex never even show up with them, but the item was noted as delivered and later found on the front seat if the drivers truck! So, no!

Wasn't. Officially will never order from any company that delivers via fedex and offers no alternative.


FEDEX HOME DELIVERY delivered my package to someone else. My address is 10306 Main...

yet it was delivered to 10107 EAST! How incompetent do you have to be. I mean not even 10306 East... I received delivery confirmation email on my way home from the store.

I was ten min away. I get home, no package. I call fedex and they tell me where it was delivered. According to them, the driver changed the destination address upon delivery with approval from his supervisor yet they claim they have no direct contact with their drivers.

LIES! so at 1p I am told they will email the driver and have him pick up my package and deliver it correctly. Now since they furnished me with the actual address in which it was delivered to, I Google and drive. Arrive at said address, while on the phone with fedex, less than 5min later because the only way to get there faster would have been to WALK THRU MY BACK YARD but alas, my package, they claim they left at this persons back door (whom i do not know and isn't home) is not there.

Fedex then states they will attempt recovery and speak with the driver who delivered my package that evening when he returns from route and that deliveries are tue thru sat 8-8. I patiently wait until 5p7P and call back for an update in which I am informed that all drivers are home for the day and someone will call me TUES! unacceptable! I paid for my package to arrive TODAY, fedex website guaranteed it would be delivered TODAY, I want my package or my money back TODAY.

needless to say my package nor my money has arrived. At 730pthe I receive a phone call directly from Matt claiming to be from the Grayslake office (previous rep claimed there was NO customer service, managers or anyone available directly in Grayslake who could handle this problem) they were half right, as Matt continues to state my package is unrecoverable this evening and will come the next day while in the same breath told me no one has even tried to return to the address it was supposedly delivered to for recovery. Bottom line, I've reached this point... I've filed a theft report against the driver and the owner of the address.

Either the driver stole my package by not delivering it and saying he did or the owner of the property stole it and subsequently broke federal laws by opening mail not addressed to them OR tbeir address. Can't wait to see who turns up with my package now and the look on the property owners face when the police and fedex attempt recovery of my officially stolen goods.


FedEx Ground doesn't employ drivers, they are contracted. FedEx Ground can NOT guarantee any delivery times.


FedEx in Grayslake, IL is downright atrocious!!! I am completely disgusted with their awful customer service and delivery staff.

They lost my package with $1000.00 merchandise and did nothing to resolve the problem.

I called multiple times and kept getting the same *** response;"Your tracking number is blah blah blah, your name is, address is and your package was delivered at 3:39 and left at your side door." Well it must have fallen off the truck or the driver was drunk or dyslexic and sent it to the wrong address, because I NEVER RECEIVED IT!!! I will never use FedEx in the future nor will I buy anything from a company that ships with FedEx.


The ______________ jus called back to say they will now be here at 10pm!!!! I am really pissed now!

I can't explain what i'm feeling now! I think they want me to say no that's ok delivery tomorrow! But then will i be around all day tomorrow waiting again??? This is so wrong what they are doing to me!

I am so mad!!!! And sad at the same time!


THis is exactly what i'm going thru right now!!! The lady said early this morning that they can't give me a time frame except from 8 to 8 at night.

Its now 817pm and nobody has come yet. She said 30mins they should be here, not gonna hold my breath after reading this!

And thas a word i used in my complaint, which will be posted in an hour PissedConsumer says. But you are right this is an ATROCITY!!!!!!!!


That is unfortunate you had an unpleasant experience with FedEx Ground.

For starters, FedEx Ground does not deliver on Saturdays (except during the Christmas Season "Peak"). So either our customer service people told you otherwise or you are referring to our FedEx Home Delivery service, they do deliver on Saturdays. Most people do not really get our different operating companies (Ground, Home Delivery, Freight, Express, the list goes on). I am not trying to pass the blame, no one is perfect; though our customers do not really seem to get this.

...example: I bet you were perfectly happy with the service of FedEx before this one incident right?

Like I was saying, blame... mistakes are made on occasion. It sounds like your lack of availability and the shipping restrictions that Apple Inc. requests on their packages made this delivery tough on both sides of the house. Its these 'shipping restrictions' that really tie our hands as to how we can get you your package. We are a business you have to remember and if we disregard what the shipper wants, then they will find someone else that will. Apple Inc. paid for the shipping and handling of your package am I right? So that means we cannot just leave the package, or reroute it to your work address...they have made fraud issues with this and that is why they request what they do.

I am sorry your experience with FedEx was not stellar, I hope you have calmed down enough to know that this was most likely an isolated incident and that we do try to deliver to the best of our ability so that the satisfaction of the shipper AND the recipient.

Have a nice day!

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