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They're now actively on the case and will "trap it" at the next stop. I have asked that when they find it they overnight it to him. "It's not possible, " the new case agent said. "I've had situations like this before and they can't convert from ground to air." So, at this point, it looks like a package sent from DC to Norfolk on Tuesday won't arrive until Monday. Morals of the story: Don't forget the apartment number on a label, actively...
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Repeatedly Fedex leaves packages at an outdoor closet that doesn't even look like the front door, or even the back door. I can't get to customer service, and I have physical disabilities that prevent me from going outside to collect deliveries and carry them inside. I've gone round and round their website looking for a way to email them, and I get put on a loop trying to call. I don't know what to do as I really don't want to have to put an ugly...
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I didn't like
  • Not being able to contact someone via email without difficulty
  • Lack of customer service
The idiots that deliver for FedEx can't read or they could give a ***. For years I've complsined to Sam Ash that my packages are left on the front porch...evrn though the label clearly indicates "side door - under carport" on the label. I've complained to Sam Ash to no avail. Why did I bother to register this info if it doesn't matter. ???? ***, let the electronics and guitars sit in the sun and rain. Who cares! Obviously not FedEx. ...
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Anonymous They delivered a smart phone from Walmart . Rang the bell & drove away. My wife noticed the tape was broken, open it up the phone was missing, all other parts were there call...