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So i ordered a sex doll off of ebay because my wife and i are soon to be apart for a couple of months and i dont want to cheat on her, so thought this would be a safe alternative.Obviously i dont want the doll delivered to the house, for obvious reasons.

So i got on Fedex's website and it said i could have it delivered to the local Walgreens and held there for pickup. I thought great, i will sneak down there pick it up and no one would know i bought a sex doll. So it gets a tracking number, i get on live chat to have the package held at Walgreens, i am told by 2 different people that the closest place i could have it held is 3 hours away, what. They said they couldnt verify that walgreens was on the drivers way to the original destination.

I told them to try google for directions, with no help. The agent went ahead and set the package to be held 3 hours away. I called and after being transfered 3 times someone told me that they will deliver it to Walgreens on Monday. Monday came and went and low and behold they have it sitting 3 hours away waiting for pickup.

I chatted with them, got transfered to the depot, was told she cant do anything, got transfered to customer service, she said she cant do anything.

Got a little angry, she said it will be delivered to Walgreens some time Tuesday.Waiting to see if it actually does get delivered.

Review about: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.


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Really?...You have two hands.

Isn't that enough? Also keep your shame off public forums.

FedEx/ups/usps and the rest of us don't care that you ordered a sex doll.I'm pretty sure this is yet another fake post because no real man would admit publicly that they NEEDED a sex doll.

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