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I ordered something shipped Fedex Ground. They attempted to deliver it on Friday, when I was not home.

They left a package slip. I waited all day Monday. Never came. No package slip left.

I called customer service. They claimed I was not home (not true). I had to work on Tuesday, so they said it would be delivered Wednesday morning. I waited all day Wednesday.

Called at 4:30 pm. They said it was on the truck and would be delivered by 8 pm. Never came. I contacted customer service again, and they claimed that no delivery times are ever guaranteed with Fedex ground.

They deliver the package when they can.

I've never had these problems with post office or UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I had a package that was to be delivered today via FedEx Ground. I was up early, about 7:30 am.

Had my coffee and started getting a few things done. Around 11am I decided to track the package. To my horror it said that the package was delivered at 8:08 am. It was put on the truck at 7:53 and was delivered in a mere 15 minutes.

All while I was drinking my coffee about 7 feet rom my front door. I am stating catagorically that this package was never delivered to me. I called FedEx and was issued a case number. I have had FedEx Ground claim that packages were deliverewd in the past when in fact, they were not.

These always showed up by the end of the day, however. This time it didn't and I'm concerned.

Well I cannot complain too much since my shipping was free but I will anyways. So I ordered a camlebak from a website and used free fedex ground shipping on August 3rd 2011, first they said expected delivery on saturday, then they said tuesday, then saturday and now its tuesday, and they said it would update on friday, it didnt, and why not monday?

But yea Fedex just sucks I will use UPS or USPS, I prefer USPS because they know what they are doing and they dont suck! :( :(

fedex sucks

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

47 inch LCD TV just left on my very visible doorstep by a Fed-Ex driver @1.30 PM. Was he planning to come back for this desirable, expensive electronic or did he really expect it to be there when the normal return from work time in this neighborhood is after 6 PM?



I had a similar situation and was told that their home delivery drivers are not employees. They have no authority over them.

I took a day off work to be available to sign for my package.

The driver said that i was not home. Customer service has said there is nothing they can do because they have no authority over their drivers, like UPS does.


For those that use carrier service like Ground or UPS, one should have an understanding of thses companies shipping guidelines before shipping. Ground does not operate like UPS and UPS does not operate like Ground. I do know Ground is day specific and not time specific..if you want a package at a specific time try using Express.

Greenwood, Wisconsin, United States #19027

Never, ever use FedEx Ground. I shipped some documents to a business that closed at 5:00 PM.

It took from Friday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon to to the next county. Next time I'll use UPS or just walk it over.

Keep clear of ground!

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