I ordered some thing online and paid extra to have it delivered soon. The seller sent it through FedEx ground and gave me the Tracking number.

The estimated delivery date was 10/18/2013. I checked the status that morning and it said that it was on truck for delivery. My wife waited all day at home for the package and after i came from the office at 5 pm in the evening we waited together, at 6 15 pm when i checked for the status again it said that there was delivery exception and a door tag was left at 6:02 pm. I was home all the time, no one knocked the door and to be sure i checked my door for a tag and there was none.

When i called the toll free number, i had to have it escalated to get some response and the response they gave was '' The driver might have done it on purpose, there is nothing which can be done else that wait 3 more days'' . I have paid additional for shipping for no use. I don't care much about the delay in delivery, all i am pissed about is that my wife had to stay home for nothing and this is going to happen again tomorrow!

I am not going to use FedEx ever again. USPS always does the job the right way and i still wonder why people give FedEx any business.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Something similar had happened to me. I paid for express shipping and it was shipped "ground", and was a very late delivery. I actually got a refund through the company I originally made the purchase from.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #731580

If you paid for express and it was shipped ground, it begs the question: did you pay for FedEx Express delivery? Or did you pay for express SHIPPING?

Those are two different things.

If you paid for Express Delivery, and the item was shipped ground, that is your retailers fault, not FedEx, and good that they gave you a refund.

If you pay for express SHIPPING, that only means that the item will be SHIPPED immediately, not that you will get it immediately. Something to think about when shopping online, especially with sites like Ebay and Amazon.

Naples, Florida, United States #731272

UPS has problems too. The driver could have gotten lost, had an accident, or one of a million other things.

The item is insured up to $100 (unless you paid for more). Stop worrying.

to LadyScot #732214

I never had faced problems with USPS, and have faced problem with Fedex many a times. I can understand if the driver must have faced the problem, but in that case the status would not have been business closed and a door tag was left.

I would not have been pissed if they genuinely had faced a problem, I am pissed only for the reason that they put up a fake status after we waited for a whole day for the shipment.

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