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I have used both UPS and FedEx for items ordered on the internet. Lately FedEx can't seem to find my house after no problems with this for 20 years with any delivery service.

I live in Seattle on a street that has existed for 40+ years. My address is easily found on any map or map search software. Yet FedEx Ground drivers lately have posted things like "wrong street name or house number" as an excuse to skip my delivery. Funny thing is, they have no problem finding my house the next day.

My suspicion is that my address is near the end of their route and end of their day. It is far easier to lie and go home early than go find my house at 5:30 PM or later. I see many complaints on the net about FedEx delivery services, especially Ground Service.

I will never order anything again that requires I use FedEx. They are a joke, not a delivery service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I dealt with Fed Ex a couple of times and each time had problem getting my shipment so after about 10 business days, I gave up and drove to Fed Ex and picked it up myself. They are the worst!

The last shipment was coming from Nebraska to Ohio and when I used the tracking number, it showed it left the company the same day I ordered it but sat at a Fed Ex terminal in Ohio for days and days. Pathetic!


I have also been waiting for over a week now for my new DVR from a company. I called them and got the tracking #.

I then called FEDEX to see what was going on, your address does not exist...really?

I have lived here for 15 years, and your FEDEX driver dropped a package off a week earlier??? Well he said that no one was home...really what time was this, she at around 8:00 pm I said well I was there...FEDEX get your s*** together and get rid of the lazy people and hire someone that who is willing to go the extra mile!!!


Ground and Home Delivery drivers do NOT work for Fedex. Though Fedex can terminate them whenever they feel necessary.

In fact, I am a little leery posting this for I could lose my job due to slander. I will not go too much into detail. Just know, UPS and Fedex drivers do the SAME job but are treated differently. No package is treated any differently.

Does anyone stop to consider the MANY hands those packages go through before making it to your front door? To the masses, make sure your address is correct BEFORE shipping it. Make sure your house numbers are easy to read from the road. Keep your dogs CONTAINED.

And for god's sake, cut down low hanging branches if you have a long driveway! I've been doing this for 6 years and these are my biggest complaints. I deal with the company's horrid policies and I am able to pay my bills.

I have no security, but I have a job. Make it easier on us drivers, or go to the store and get your merchandise....


80% out of 100% time that Fed-Ex has delivered it has been a good experience, but the other 20% has been an unwittingly unfocused and a dumbfounded experience, why is it so hard to do your job Fed-Ex, I guess its a good thing I don't control operations for this company, THERE WOULD BE A LOT OF VACANCY'S TO FILL!


To people having problems determining where their package is: You are possibly not understanding what the FedEx operator is telling you, or the operator is confused by your question because to them it makes no sense. FedEx runs a huge network of print shops called "FedEx Office," which are listed as such in the phone book and online.

These are NOT where your package comes from or goes to, they are just retail locations. Do not ask for which FedEx Office your package is at, ask where the distribution center or "hub" for your delivery area/city is. THAT is where your package is, and they very often close long before the FedEx Offices in your area do.

On that note, though, you can ask to have your package routed to a FedEx Office so you can pick it up there anytime you like. This is called a Hold At Location or "HAL" service and is absolutely free.


Your English is the suck. Learn to proper grammer. GO TO SCHOOL.


Misery loves company I guess... at least I see I'm not the only one getting screwed by FedEx Ground.

I've been in shipping *** for over a week. STILL waiting for my package that was on a truck yesterday... just never bothered to stop at my house.



Horrible experience, I am asked to go to the Fedex ground location, I drive 20 miles, am told to go to the fairview location, turns out they close at 4 pm, so it seems like I'll never get my pacakage!!! FEDEX SUCKS!!!!


sorry to hear about the mis-haps! i work mornings there unloading the trailers and i see alot of *** *** that goes on. i would say call the station 510-430-0944 and ask to speak with Randy the Pick-up and Delivery manager


I have had so many problems with FedEx in San Leandro. Apparently they lose things such as a sofa!!

They told me they had my sofa and when I went in to pick it up three hours later, they said it wasn't there and was never there. Then it was MIA for 2 weeks and ended up in Arkansas . Then someone from FedEx called me and said my sofa was there, she just saw it and it had been there the whole time. I told her this was ridiculous and I was pissed.

She couldn't tell me why every time I called someone said it wasn't there and they couldn't track it.

They are doing nothing to compensate me and I am so annoyed. Almost a month later and I still don't have my sofa


FedEx Customer Service is, too!

I called twice about my package and both time, they proved their stupidity. First time, they didn't even tell me which office to go to to pick it up but they told me that the office closes at 4pm everyday so I had to wait till the next day.

I looked online and none of the office closes at 4pm. The second time, they didn't even seem to know how to locate the package on their system and took them 5 minutes just to find out which city it was being held...which I already knew by tracking it online.

Even though, my initial question to the representative was WHICH OFFICE in San Leandro, CA that I need to go to, they seemed as if they had answered my question. So I asked again and it took another 5 minutes to find out the office location, then they told me the address which doesn't even exist in San Leandro, CA.

I still don't know where I have to go to pick up my package but am dreading to call them back and ask the same question.


I have been having a similar experience with FedEx Ground the past couple of days. My package has been out for delivery from the San Leandro, CA station the last couple of days and I see that the tracking comments show that it is not delivered because the customer is not home.

Well, I have news for FedEx, I'm home and I've been awaiting this package for the last two days. It is obvious that the driver is not even coming to the door being that I have been watching out for them as well as no notice on the door that they attempted the delivery. The funny thing is, the package does not even need to be signed for. After the first day the package did not show up I even called customer service to make sure the driver had my phone number in the event that they could not find my address.

Day two, the package was still a no show. I called customer service again and they tried to get a hold of the San Leandro, CA station but they were already closed.

I now have to wait until Tuesday and try to track down this incompetent driver who is holding my package hostage. I just want my package delivered...

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