It's a mystery why top-quality FedEx Express would cheapen their brand by diluting it with the consistently worthless FedEx Ground. I guess if you live within 2 miles of their local distribution point you're satisfied, because the delivery guys are still sober when they get to your place. God help you if you live two hours or more into their routes: they'll reach a point during the day when they say, "screw it - I'm done for the day", and they'll take your packages (still showing "on FedEx vehicle for delivery") back to their home base, then enter your delivery as "business closed, delivery rescheduled for next business day".

This foul-up is made worse by incompetent "customer service" personnel. I had two packages from Dell Computer that appeared on website tracking as "on vehicle for delivery" today. At 1 PM I called FedEx customer service and was told that the packages would not be delivered until tomorrow, so I closed the shop and went off to a business meeting after rescheduling delivery for next Thursday. It turns out that the Fedex Ground truck showed up (rather SAID he showed up) 15 minutes later and couldn't deliver the packages because no one was there to receive them.

The story just gets worse, and it's been the same story with different twists every time FedEx Ground has stuck their inept hands into the logistics pie.

I have just instructed Dell NEVER to send me another shipment by FedEx Ground, and the sales department has agreed.

Would someone please let the boss of FedEx Ground know that he's ruining his company by having this Bozo outfit using the FedEx name.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #758826

Absolutely worthless on my 8th day of a 3-5 day delivery, every *** excuse they can *** imagine and they wont reimburse the charges for shipment they *** suck I will never use fed *** x ever again. Go brown from here on for air or ground just go brown.


I feel your pain. In a moment of utter amnesiac stupidity, I used Fedex Ground to ship a package to Maryland putting aside the memory of their total ineptness of three earlier deliveries they either misdelievered, delivered days late and lied about the entire thing.

It's been on a Fedex vehicle for deliver since 9:00am and my receipient is still waiting at 7:12pm.

The last time this happened the *** delivered it at 11:00 that night.

I don't know who's the bigger imbecile, me for trying again or them for consistent sub-par services.


Maybe your packages flew out of the truck or someone stole it. Most Fedex drivers that I have seen drive around with the bulkhead door open all the time.

Most of the time they leave the vehicle running with the keys in them while away from truck making deliveries. Isn't that a federal offense?


That sounds unusual since FedEx Ground delivery agents only get paid for successful deliveries and good customer service…

On the home delivery side, FedEx Ground offers day and time specific deliveries for a fee...

Or you can have your item shipped to the nearest FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) and pick it up there in most case 24/7…


i order dell boxes all the time never had a problem. sounds like you dont have it together

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