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I opened an account with Fedex to ship my packages from home. Here is what happened to my very first(and last) package:

MONDAY: I created a shipping label and scheduled a Fedex Ground pick up service for Tuesday.

TUESDAY: Nobody showed up to get my package. I called the 1-800 number and was told that there is a glitch in their system and my pick up was never scheduled. They themselves schedule a pick up for Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: Nobody showed up. I call at 3pm and was told that ooops they made a mistake and my pick up is scheduled for Thursday. When I asked to have someone come and pick up my package today I was told that all the drivers are gone for the day and that I have to wait for someone on Thursday. (which is a lie, FedEx is in my area is always between 3 and 5pm)

THURSDAY: called the 1-800 number several times to make sure that someone is coming to get my package today. Was told that yes, they checked with the dispatch and the driver - my location is on driver's manifest. 5.30pm - called FedEx again. I'm told that the driver is in the area and will be at my place within the next 30 minutes. 7pm - nobody showed up. Call 1-800 number and get a real retard on the phone who can't speak like a normal person. Ask for a supervisor. Supervisor Tony(with an Indian accent) says they have no idea what happened and that my local FedEx office will do some research and call me back. Luckily for me I do get a call from John in CPC department who has no idea what happened but tells me that all the drivers are already gone for the day and there is no way anyone can get my package today.

FRIDAY: 8.30 am - called 1-800 number and requested to be transferred to CPC department right away. Dave from that department made some phone calls and said that someone will be in my area between 3-5pm. 3pm(hallelujah!!!) FedEx truck came, they picked up my package.

This is my first and last package with this company. I had a much better opinion about you, FedEx. Now after I spoke to your "premier customer service" reps I'm totally disgusted with lies and lack of accountability. Oh yes, I will post this to as many places as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #1200454

i have similar experience if not worse!!


Fedex Ground Drivers are subcontractors, not employees of Federal Express.

to Not FedEx Waterloo, Ontario, Canada #1186781

While true, that actually has nothing to do with the fact that the dispatchers are idiots and the customer service folk are full of lies.

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