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Now come the really *** part:

I filed a claim for the lost package with FedEx. They send a check - made out to the manufacturer (not the company that sold it to me) and my address. I send the check to the manufacturer with copies to the vendor, but then FedEx sends me an e-mail stating that the check has been voided, and that I have to resubmit a claim or have the vendor resubmit a claim with a \"waiver\" and also blatantly stating that \"ALL CLAIMS ACTION\" has been stopped by FedEx on this claim.

So get this, they cause a problem by losing a shipment, they cause another problem by sending a wrong check to the wrong party, they demand a \"waiver\", and then they stop all claims action.

Now the whole fiasco has to be started all over again.

How is that for a service company?

Original review posted by user Apr 18, 2011

In my book, FedEx Ground (and FedEx in general) just took last place in delivery (or should I say - undelivery) services. They are absolutely the worst. Now that's saying something when their competition is UPS and the US Postal Service. Of all packages I've ever had delivered (and I get at least 2-3 per week) the most problems were with FedEx. These guys are 9 to 5'ers and they certainly act like they could do no wrong. You can't get them on the phone. They don't answer e-mails. They don't work weekends. They attempt deliveries only once. They hire incompetents (for the most part), although in this area I must say that they do have guys that do try their best against a corporation that only cares about stuffing their executive's pockets.

If they miss a delivery - which for working families - this is 100% of the time. They make you go miles and miles to retrieve your package. And heaven forbid if you should come during their warehouse's coffee break. It's at least 45 minutes before anyone will acknowledge you're even there.

How they stay in business - who knows??

I'll take UPS any day. I have packages from on line vendors delivered the day after I order. Now that is service. USPS is also one of the best and cheapest there is. 2-3 days from anywhere in the country - now how can you beat that?

Sack FedEx. They are expensive, rude, and definitely not worth it.

Their claim service is non existent. Try filing a claim - good luck with that one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $109.

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I used to love Fedex but approx. 1 1/2 to 2 years ago....they started to decline and now I don't use vendors that only ship with Fedex and have found, surprisingly, that I get great results using the usps (I also like UPS and have never had a problem with them). From my perspective, one of the main problems is that they will, for instance, pick up a package from a vendor that may not be far from where you live....then they ship it half-way across the country to a major sorting station and then it back-tracks all the way back to your area to you local sorting station. This routine is fraught with all sorts of problems....mis-sorting, bad weather, plane problems/break-downs, you name it.

Whereas the usps ships the package using the shortest and most direct route between the vendor and the recipient.....and so does UPS, at least from my experience. This shipping the package way the heck out of the way and back-tracking it all the way back is a huge problem.

And...with the usps...even if the package doesn't get to your local post office until that afternoon (so that it cannot make it onto the mail carrier's truck in the morning) they will still send someone out to deliver it to you.

My recommendation to the usps is to keep up the good work and improve your tracking.....and jump into the big hole that Fedex is now providing you. The usps needs the business due to decrease in regular male (due mainly to the internet) and this is a great opportunity for them to fill the void Fedex has created by its service and timely delivery declining so badly over the past few years.

Also....when you call Fedex to try and determine what the *** happened to your package and why it's not going to get to you overnight (that you paid extra for) get a completely different reason/excuse every time you call.


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never deliver on time i have had many problems with deliveries have since told companies not to use them as they are Unreliable also have had Items go missing before they are a shite company :(


Exactly why i will never do business with anyone who ships FedEx. They make it impossible for me to get the packages as they only deliver when I'm not home and I can't travel 3 hour round trip to their warehouse to pick it up myself.

what a useless company.

Adn the worst customer service of any business I have ever sealth with. Most frustrating experience I have ever had with any company.




FedEx Express and FedEx Ground/Home delivery are two separate divisions under the FedEx umbrella.

Express employees are company employees while Ground/Home Delivery are not.

Sadly, Ground/Home delivery are operated by independant contractors who are not held to the same standards as Express employees.

You may get a good one...or it may be the courier from hades.

I have had issues with Ground/Home delivery myself - and I am a 30 year courier of Express!

I have the local Ground managers # and, trust me - I DON'T hesitate to call in if I see or hear of a Ground/ Home delivery driver mistreating a customer or package.

I personally HATE having any unhappy customers as I see the same people sometimes daily for years. And it's very nice to see a smiling face rather than frown.


I use FedEx all the time and have had one delay due to bad weather, the postal service and UPS are the worst for me I cant ship or count on receiving anything from both without getting here damaged.


If sent express, it is guaranteed to be there by a certain time, weather permitting. Just because the road by your house might be clear, doesnt mean surrounding areas are clear.

Even if you send a package to an address in the same city, it could be re-routed to another city then back again. Packages do not go from point A to point B.


FedEx is the worse! I rarely do business with anyone who uses them.

The won't deliver during any kind of weather, even rain. I paid extra for an overnight package, but they were afraid of the snow--a storm that didn't happen. If there are no other deliveries on the major highway I live on, they won't bring it until they have a delivery.

I called in a complaint and the guy that had the franchise begged me to call and tell them it was a misunderstanding (it was an order I made for my STATE job they delivered to my house, which is a big no-no!) I guess they get a big fine of about $500.00 each complaint, but it does no good whatsoever. I used to use them, but went to UPS instead.

to Interested #608919

3 complaints out of the millions of items they deliver.

These whiners are the ones that REFUSE TO TIP dinner servers.

You clowns are the REAL SCOURGE OF SOCIETY!

I will politely axe u all to FCVK OFF!

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