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I had a shipment from a vendor for several pieces of furniture that was shipped via FedEx Ground (aka, FedEx Freight). After receiving the delivery (ground floor) and paying for an in-house move by a local moving company to my second floor, I realized that four of the five pieces delivered was damaged (none of which was obvious from the outsides of the boxes). All had cosmetic damage, and three had significant structural damage (as if they had dropped the whole palette). Picture 3/4" board split all the way down the center.

It has been weeks of me working through the vendor (who is the insured of record), an inspector coming to my house, and finally a determination (after many arguments with both me and the vendor) that they would insure three of the four damaged pieces (they should have paid on all the pieces). Did they think I was lying and had taken a sledge hammer to the furniture myself?

Thankfully, the vendor sent a set of all new furniture (all replaced!) via a different carrier. I had scheduled for FedEx to pick up the damaged furniture on the same day so I wouldn't have to take YET ANOTHER DAY OFF from work. Did they show up? Yeah, no.

A band of monkeys could run a company better than FedEx Ground.

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Fedex Ground and Fedex Freight are two seperate companies, so make up your mind...also Fedex Freight is a freight company not a furniture moving company. And maybe your use to working with/for a band of monkeys...bananas to you



haha sucks to be you :cry

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