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using their internet tracking I saw that my package was at their location I called the 1800 to find the address as it was not listed. I was told by them that I couldn't pick it up as it was closed.

It was tracked as being shipped for monday so I was luck that my wife was home on monday. On saturday i get a noticed that they came and on the notice it say wont delieve till tuesday??? what? what the *** is that?

I'm away for the rest of the week and how are they delievering if its closed. after tell the call center. they tell me it will be delievered on monday. Wait the whole day.

nothing. I find out I can pick up my box at the location but they cant sent it to me on monday. why? because its fedex ground.

I will never ship fedex ground and I will make it my life purpose to tell everyone I know until they go out of business. they suck. If I could have pick up my package on sat like I asked and I was told the right info then none of this would have happened.

FEDEX ground. I will short your stock I will make sure you lose money I will bring you down

Monetary Loss: $900.

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