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FedEx Ground (apparently in Tulsa, OK) will not deliver a package requiring signature to their local (Stillwater, OK) location without having the company of orgin submitting new routing instructions, leaving me, due to time, to have to pick-up the package at the Tulsa FedEx depot, which, to say the least, does not have convient hours or location (65 miles from Stillwater to Tulsa). It it this type of non-consummer services that makes me, as a home business, to never use or recommend FedEx. Arlene Lanman, Stillwater, OK, 405-744-7133 I am pissed; this has happened before!!!

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #191193

would have been easier to call the shipper and request a reroute to the closer location then to go through all this silly stuff. seems pretty lazy to me.


FedEx is just bad. They do not even have same day contact with the drivers.

So when the shipper messes up and doesn't send the package to the proper address, and FedEx doesn't hold the package at local terminal for pick as they said they would, I have to sit back and wait to see if the package makes it back to the FedEx facility or possibly have to find the package on my own if the driver leaves the package at the wrong address. Not a very consumer friendly (dis)organization. Now I remember why all of our parcels are taken care of by UPS.

Sorry DeeDee, your defense of FedEx isn't very encouraging or convincing from where I sit. I'm the one who needs and paid for the goods, not the shipper.


DeeDee, it is GREAT (said with word dripping in sarcasm) that FedEx sticks to their policy. Never a problem to change from office to home or back or transfer to another office for pick-up, if one uses UPS.

Heck, UPS will even allow me to pick up and sign at the local office at any nearly any time - their trucking area has a near 24-hour "open" (I have makde signed pickup as late as 10p). That is why I will, as a business, or even for home always use UPS and suggest others do as well.


FedEx has a contract with your shipper, not you. Certain shippers will not allow a delivery address change because of the potential of fraud or because they do not want to pay for the additional cost that small package companies charge for address corrections after the package in en route.

Some packages can be rerouted to alternate addresses after a first attempt has been made. Ask your vendor when you purchase an item if they restrict address corrections or require an adult signature (which can restrict a reroute as well).

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