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Female rep at FedEx called me back up, with a phone number to the "Agent" and an address. Turns out they sent it to another shipping company named Arm Transfer. Turns out that the female Rep at FedEx was given additional information to pass onto me but she didn't think she had to do so.

Arm Transfer was more than happy to tell me when they were open and even said they would make an exception and put my package aside for me to pick up tomorrow morning.

From what I was told, FedEx considers my town a ODA because they don't want to drive an hour from the depot to my town just to deliver one package.

Monetary loss has gone FROM $200 to $80. $80 is the cost for 2 cabs, one from my house to the Arm Transfer and one from Arm Transfer BACK to my house.

Original review posted by user Jun 28, 2013

So here's what happened. Got a motherboard in october/November and at the beginning of this month, the motherboard died prompting an RMA.

RMA was approved and on Tuesday Tues 6/25/2013 4:02 pm a replacement was sent Package is coming up from CHINO, CA US to Nova Scotia (I'm withholding my specific address for now)sent expedited from ASRock delivery day was for today Fri 6/28/2013.

I wake up early today and refresh the tracking information only to find that the last scan was yesterday:

6/27/2013 - Thursday 8:06 am

At destination sort facility GOFFS, NS

That Facility is 8-9 hours away by car. Confused I pick up the phone and talk to Chris who looks through the scan logs and says that he's unsure why, but the package was scanned at 9:30 at a Local facility in my area and was handed off to an "Agent" for Delivery since apparently I live in an ODA (Out of Delivery Area)and I have to call up this "Agent" to ask them about it. Chris provides me with a phone number and we hang up.

So I call up the "Agent" only to find out that not only is the number I was given was a CELLPHONE number but IT HAS NOT BEEN REGISTERED WITH ANYONE.

So back to the FedEx number I go. This time I speak with Steven who confirms what Chris said and more. Apparently even though there's a FedEx sorting location, apparently the WHOLE ISLAND I live on is considered a ODA, despite FedEx trucks driving around. (UPS and Puralator have no problems delivering packages on the island I live on)

Steven Confirms the phone number I was given as the number for the "Agent", and doesn't know what to say when I say that the number wasn't assigned to anyone. I then ask for the name of the so called "Agent" and Steven says that they don't have the "Agent"'s name! OUTRAGEOUS!

Steven then says that since he has no further information, he'd get the local sorting facility to call me regarding the issue and that they'd call me in a a few minutes to a 2 hour max. time period! (TWO HOURS max!?) Steven then starts getting rude, saying that the sender knew that I lived in an ODA Area and would be delivered through an "Agent" when he selected Expedited shipping -ASRock didn't tell me that when I called on Wednesday asking for the tracking number.

I said that I needed to know who would be delivering my RMA Replacement so I know who and what to watch for, especially if I have to go out for work. Steven then tells my rudely that the EARLIEST the "Agent" COULD deliver the package is on Tuesday July 2nd IF they can get a hold of this "Agent".

I was then hung up on after Steven deflected my questions about how he could get a hold of the "agent" through the number provided, but I couldn't and how he somehow knew the earliest time where I MAY receive my RMA Replacement.

The RMA Replacement is a $200 (before tax and shipping) motherboard. Because of this I've lost business and I was turned down for a job because it's taken so long to try to get my computer running again.

So just now (about an hour and a half later) someone from the Toronto FedEx office calls basically regurgitating similar information as Steven and Chris, only this time with a twist. She states all the wrong dates, saying that the package is still with FedEX and that it's heading to a local sorting Depot. Only when I tell her that that's not what Chris and Steven told me does her story start to change. She states that she can not find any information on this agent that Chris and Stephen are talking about, saying that she's going to have to call someone from the local sorting facility to see if they have any contact information. I told her that Steven said he'd get someone from the Nova Scotia FedEx to call me she says that I'll have to wait an additional hour to hear anything back on what's going on.

It's shady and very unprofessional of a shipping company not to update their tracking site with situations like this and to give their packages to an "Agent" they don't have the name of and providing a cellphone number that has not been assigned to anyone. The female agent agrees with me on this and thinks that I might as well consider the package as lost/ stolen at this point.

Unfortunately, since I'm the receiver, I can't file a claim, and it took me 2 weeks jut to get information on how to submit an RMA application (Newegg had to contact ASRock on my behalf so ASRock would send me an application) and to get the RMA Approved (it took ASRock a week to approve the RMA) so you can guess how long it will take just for ASRock to move their *** and file a claim if I don't get it.

Now I have to wait till 3:30 to hear any information on if the "agent"/ "Contractor" is going to deliver my package.

Amount of money lost is how much it will cost to replace the motherboard -before taxes and shipping- if it has indeed gone missing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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