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FedEx is not deserving of even one star.The employees there car more about getting off work than they do performing the job they are paid to do.

I have a package I paid 2nd air on and it took two weeks to get it. I place several calls, the manufacturer called FedEx, Amazon called FedEx all to try to get FedEx to deliver a package they were paid to deliver. The issue was simply that the employees' were to lazy to the job and would only offer excuses that were flat out lies. So if you dont mind sending a package and having an angry customer or if you are looking for a delivery and you don't mind it taking 4 to 5 times longer than it would with UPS then by all means FedEx is your company.

And if you use FedEx be warned. The customer service is out-sourced to a group of loosers in El Salvador who could really care less about you or your package.

Like I said, I paid for 2 day and it still isnt here after 2 weeks.They always claim it is somewhere else,

Monetary Loss: $9000.


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