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My mother in law sent out a package a week before christmas for her grandson containing christmas presents gift cards etc. Today is December 28th and the package has yet to arrive.

I am a stay at home mother so im always here and no attempts have even been made to deliver at all. Today I had enough waiting and decided to call. The person i spoke to was very rude and said she was showing nothing and there was nothing they could do about it. Sorry but thats not going to work with me not only is my mother in law out the money for paying this *** company to send a package but also she is out for everything that was in the package.

How on earth do companies just get away with doing this I would really love to know. Maybe some worker at fedex decided my package was not very important and tossed it.

Maybe one of the workers decided to take it. Whatever the case may be i am extremly upset about this and talking to Fedex is like talking to a rock.

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Well taz maybe you live in a nice shipping area; where people take their job seriously. The first time I had something shipped fedex my package was late so I called costumer service.

They told me they didn't deliver to my area and I had to wait for it to be sent to the US post for them to deliver it (this happened last year). What do I see only 5 days after getting my package via US? A fedex truck going past my house 1 1/2 miles to my nearest neighbors house. That doesn't feel nice at all!

And now I have a package a 12 days late and I don't feel like messing with Fedex again.

(and I gladly woul've chosen to ship with anyone else!)The seller didn't specify who they shipped with and had no options to pick a method other than ground or 1 day. I was really praying it wasn't Fedex...


I'm sitting here with a package that keeps getting delayed because of "Weather". However, there is no bad weather.

After calling FedEX India - the FedEX employee said it's actually not weather but package volume. BTW - I did have two UPS shipments during FedEX's claim of bad weather.


Instead of just complaining, how about details like what date the parcel actually was turned over to Fedex, the tracking number of the parcel, and where it was shipped from and where it was going?

A parcel shipped from the east coast to the west coast is delivered in five BUSINESS days. No parcels move on Christmas or the weekend, so the total time in transit can extend to nine days. Same time frame applies to UPS as well.

I ship with Fedex all the time and all I can say about the whiners on here is they must all be UPS employees. With more than 5,000 parcels shipped over the last two years, I've had just two go missing. I've had customers call and tell me they haven't received their parcel, and when it is tracked, it shows as delivered. Customer looks on his front porch or someplace out of the weather and bingo - parcel is there!

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