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I recently ordered a package which required a signature. The FedEx driver made 2 attempts to deliver the package. For the 3rd attempt, I took a day off work so I could be home to accept the package.

I live in a large building, and the driver had 2 options - to ring my buzzer or knock on my door. He did neither. He left a door tag and did not try to contact me.

I spoke to the FedEx customer service department - to 4 different people. I was told that I would have to drive 20 miles to the opposite end of Chicago to retrieve the package. I asked why, since it was their driver's error, they did not reschedule delivery. I was eventually told that their home delivery drivers are not employees - they are contracted and the driver has the sole authority to decide if they want to deliver the package or not. There was absolutely nothing the customer service person could do.

The final person I spoke to did not apologize and basically said that if I wanted good customer service, that I need to order from UPS because their drivers are employees and UPS has the ability to ask their drivers to go above and beyond to provide good customer service. I am following that person's advice. I will never ship via FedEx again.

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So to all the FedEx Home Delivery drivers asking for some understanding, you're not going to get much of it. It is up to you to get the packages to the customers when your company promises it.

If you can't or don't like it, then go work at McDonalds. I know that sounds harsh, but we all have to do things in our jobs that we don't like too.

But that doesn't mean that we go out of our way not to do it. And a little advice, dishonesty is not a great long term business model.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #343307

Here's a little FYI from the drivers' point of view. FEDEx home drivers usually hit the road with a minimum of 100 individual stops and is expected to deliver a minimum of 15 pkgs per hr which leaves a driver very little time for you to finish changing your babys' diaper , finish eating your bagel or wrap up your phone call before answering the door!

The last thing we want to do is to have your pkg still onboard at the end of the day; it just means that you have not gotten your pkg in a timely manner and we just have to return at least three times until you do. I assume that anyone would want their pkg on the first try, right?

Don't get the impression that we get off on having to return to your home or business three times in a row to finally make the delivery. Trust me ;it is as frustrating and annoying for us as it is for you!

Andalusia, Alabama, United States #183548

I too have had a similar experience. I also live in Washington, DC.

The drive left one notice on my door that said 2nd attempt (I don't know what happened to the first attempt but I never got a tag). I stayed home for the third attempt and he was a no-show. He never left a tag or anything. I drove 15 miles from my house to get the package only to find out that they were closed on a Tuesday.

Needless to say I was annoyed. I just let the package go back to the sender.


I worked for home delivery and you have to realize that the driver doesn't get paid until he delivers the package. So if we have a signature package which you should know it is we can't keep making 4 to 5 attempts to get it to you.

Personally I communicate with my signature customers and don't have issues.

UPS are employees are paid hourly and are paid regardless if your home or not. Just a little education for you upset customers.


I am going through the EXACT dilemma right NOW!!! NEVER use FEDEX for anything, they are not reliable.


One more i want to say is, people will give their comment if they are understand what they read. In my opinion, people who read without understand seems won’t give their comment and just type ‘nice post’ or ‘great job’ed hardy clothing**


I live in Chicago, 4th attempt just happened today. Exact same circumstances.

He actually rang my door buzzer. I let him in down stairs assuming that would *** him in - "hey im on my way down". 1 minute and 30 seconds later, I'm in the lobby, tag on the door and he's nowhere.

This is the 3rd time I've been home and missed the delivery. It was wine as well for me.

My experience is so similar I could have written your complaint! I live in Washington DC and waited for my packed to be delivered between Feb.

18-20. I missed the driver on the 18th and 20th but NOT the 19th. I was home ALL Day, no knock, no door tag, no package. I received only two door tags and the last tag stated FINAL Attempt.

The driver only came twice Not Three times. I called three times and complained to no avail.

Was told the driver had No Reason To Lie and I will have to come to the FedEx warehouse in Beltsville MD to retreive my package, I have no car. :(

same here. I live in New Jersey

I think fedex service is suck.

I didn't receive my package finally.

fedex drivers never care if customer is in a house or not.


Heather - sorry to hear that you have experienced the same situation. I never received the package.

They are letting the driver decide if he would like to make another attempt, and he has decided not to make another trip. It wasn't a computer - it was wine, which requires a signature.

It's baffling to me that FedEx has no control over their drivers and would rather ship the package 400 miles back to the sender than make the 20-mile trip to deliver it. They've lost my business, and my company's business (I make the shipping decisions there).


I just had the EXACT same experience and also live in Chicago. Did you happen to order from Dell? Did you get your package?

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