The vendor that shipped this item requested the package to be delivered only if someone at this address was available to sign for the package. I followed the instructions on the door tag, which said to go to FedEx.com and "track using your door tag number to see available options." One problem with this is that tracking using a door tag number is not an option at FedEx.com.

The other problem is that, when I finally located the package using the tracking number provided by the vendor, all of the options are grayed out, which leaves me with only one option - that is to wait for the next delivery attempt and hope that either my wife or I am home. This is not a plan, and the FedEx customer service person I spoke with was not able to offer an alternative. I never have these problems with UPS.

I know my UPS driver on a first name basis, and I can always count on UPS to deliver a package to my home with no problems. I have had the exact opposite experience with FedEx.

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I work for fed ex. Its not fed ex fought that they followed the vendors orders.

UPS will do the same thing if a in person signature is required.

And the truth of it is that you had no time to wait for the package to come but you had time to write a review. In the same amount of time it took you to come up with your three paragraphs you could have picked the package up at the fed ex terminal.

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I use FedEx a lot and went to the site to verify. You CAN track by door tag number.

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