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For 3 packages in a row, Fedex Home has not delivered to my home and has updated my tracking information as "Customer not available", even though I have been home all 3 times.

On Friday June 9th 2012, Fedex Home updated my status at 4:10pm saying "Customer not available or business closed". I had been sitting at my desk, in clear view of my open front door from 2:00pm to 5:30pm that day. When I called customer service, they said that the driver had rung the bell and knocked on the door and left a door tag. Funny, as my door does not have a door-bell. They confirmed the address as the right one and promised to make sure the driver delivered it correctly on Tuesday, June 12th 2012.

So at 3:40pm on Tuesday, I go down to my street. It's a short street and I can see both ends from the sidewalk. No -Fedex Truck. As I continue wiring on the sidewalk on a hot Georgia afternoon, at 4:15pm my iPhone Fedex app states that "Customer not available or business closed". There has been no Fedex truck on the street for the last 32 minutes. about 4 minutes later, I see a Fedex Home truck go down a cross-street at the end of my street. The driver had never been on my street, or stopped at the corner or even attempted to come near my home.

I chase down the truck on foot, and luckily as the truck was headed into a single entry/exit subdivision, I was able to catch up and retrieve my package. I asked the driver why he did not deliver my package. His reply "I am under a lot of stress. I have to deliver more than 150 packages a day. If I have too many packages in your area, I leave your packages at the apartment leasing office." When I asked him why he did not leave the package at the office on Friday, he had no response but to repeat what he had just told me. ( and the leasing office is open until 6:00pm, and the delivery attempt on Friday was at 4:10pm). When I asked him, why he had updated the package information as "Customer not Available or Business Closed" when he had not been on my street at all, his reply was "I have not delivered to your street yet". That was strange because he had already driven past my street entrance and was on his way out. So I asked him why he updated the tracking information as ""Customer not Available or Business Closed", he said that it was not true. When I showed him my phone, he had no response.

Fedex Home has raised the bar for bad customer service by lying blatantly to a customer to their face, even when there is strong evidence supporting the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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These type of issues are common with FEDEX and it is not the drivers only. The whole system is corrupt.

They are almost a monopoly in small package delivery the only other bieng UPS. Items get lost in Memphis that cannot be traced, and customer left with nothing and a tedious process of claim which after a long time they refuse to pay.

Boxes are opended and repacked with fedex stickers to hide the cuts on the box and unsuspecting customers recieve a sign for the package and niether the shipper or the reciever can do anything, because the FEDEX employee stone it in MEMPHIS or any other FEDEX HUB, I trust my fedex driver but their may be dishonest drivers too.

We have lost substantial money



And the contents of the package were Alphonso Mangos, costing $160. The mangos had already begun to spoil, all thanks to Fedex Home's terrible service and customer attitude. While the $ loss was only about $30, the loss of Alphonso Mangos is priceless.

Can't wait till Fedex screws up delivery of life-sustaining drugs to someone and lies about it at their funeral.

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