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For several years I had a great Fedex delivery guy for my area. He knew all his customers and where best to leave packages safely.

I asked the temporary new delivery person where he went and was told he was upset with Fedex and quit. I know the feeling. My house is situated on a lake with the mailbox 1/10 of a mile from the house on the roadside along with 9 other mailboxes. A couple of months ago I filed a case with USPS since myself and my neighbors have repeatedly had our mail stolen.

Not really happy with USPS since their solution was to get a P.O. Box. My solution was to use Fedex for anything important. Yesterday I was home all day yet I went to the mailbox to find a Fedex door tag hung on the outside of my mailbox, inside was the Fedex envelope which contained a check from my company.

I called Fedex explained the problem and I am still waiting to hear back. Fedex it is ILLEGAL for you to use a USPS mailbox! Companies are only as good as their employees. I suspect this employee was hired for less than my previous delivery guy and was simply too lazy to do his/her job of making deliveries.

I will wait until tomorrow to hear back from Fedex and see what type of action they will take. Otherwise I will figure out who the proper authorities are to contact and let Fedex answer to them for their offense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $3295.

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Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States #1238958

Who gives a ***?

Reamstown, Pennsylvania, United States #604219

get over it man, dont you hvae anything better to do.

I personally know Robert Lewis and he is one of the nicest guys I know, and a SUPER family man.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #579391

No doubt Fedex employees clicked the Bull$hit button. Fedex needs to clean up their act.

Packages are always arrive but almost always late with Fedex. Pay the extra for Saturday delivery and you might get it Tuesday and no refund.

The driver says he tried to deliver. Now that is Bull$hit!!!


I learned something new today. Not reporting a crime is called Misprision of felony.

My luck I would be charged for not reporting a crime. I looked it up on the internet it exists.

So for those of you with knowledge of Fedex using USPS mailboxes there is now an open case #ca 111 045 009 filed with the postal inspector. This reminds of the final episode of Seinfeld.


Looks like this will be my final update. Robert Lewis from Fedex just called to apologize and let me know a letter will go out to management and this will not happen again.

His tone was short and business like, less friendly than Barbara. Understandable since he is aware that they can be sued by USPS. On my end, at the very least I think Fedex should have offered to refund my company the fee they charged for delivering the envelope. They made no offer.

Made no attempt to ask how to make this right in my mind. I believe that's poor customer service. I asked Robert how they were going to resolve the issue with the driver. He said they would not discuss it.

My opinion of Fedex. They were once a great company. Now they don't hire or train good employees and they don't care what their customers think. After reading numerous complaints on this board if you are still holding Fedex stock I believe I would sell.

We now know there were at least two times in Georgia Fedex committed a Federal offense by using a USPS mailbox. Should they be held accountable?

Tifton, Georgia, United States #579234

UPDATE--Barbara from Fedex just called. She was very pleasant and apologized for what happened.

Given the problem she will notify "management" and have them call me. I let them know that at least one other person has had their USPS mailbox used by Fedex. I will be interested to see how "Management" will handle the situation.

I am wondering how many times I will have to tell this story to Fedex. Why didn't management call in the first place?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #579205

FedEx did the same with me only I did not look in the mailbox for hours. They had my passport and I was leaving to out out of the country the next day and finally found it hours later in my mailbox. I told them this was illegal.

Miami, Florida, United States #579200

Real simple solution. Gget locking mail boxes. Problem solved

to alq Tifton, Georgia, United States #579207

Checked into that. A decent locking mailbox is a couple hundred and you have the additional hassle of carrying a key around to get your mail.

So I spend money for a P.O. box and have to drive 15 miles one way to get my mail or I spend a couple of hundred on a locking mailbox and carry an extra key.

Neither appeal to me but I will be online this weekend looking for a locking mailbox. The Home Depot near me didn't have them in store...

to ACS #1129110

Wow...carrying a key is really that hard? Just another one on the ring.

Or - just keep it in the car. It would be common sense that a "locking mailbox" would have a key. And, even a PO box has a key too.

Heres a better suggestion...as you're situated in the woods, hang out one day with a rifle.

When you see someone approaching your mailbox who isn't FedEx or the mailman, shoot him for trespassing.

Nobody will ever touch that box again. Guaranteed.

to alq Tifton, Georgia, United States #579211

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your response. This was the first time I have had this sort of problem with Fedex and was wondering if it was exclusive to my particular delivery person.

Looks like it is not. Fedex if you read these posts you have a problem.

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