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I have been logging complaints for over a year because FedEx employees don't follow their policy to deliver to my front door. I even wrote a letter with a photo of my house and received an apology letter from Exec Services, still it continues.

There are at least three different divisions (home delivery, express, and ground) and they all do it wrong. I don't want the FedEx guy in my garage. I don't want my packages left in the driveway to bake in the sun or get backed over when I leave. I have a lovely concrete sidewalk and covered porch.

They are just too lazy to walk the extra 30 feet. One even tried to blame an imaginary dog or something blocking the walkway (nada, no dogs at my house or blockages).

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Re-train local employees to deliver to the front door, be conscious of their customers, not put perishables/live plants in the sun. Not be lazy..

I liked: Easy tracking.

I didn't like: Do not follow their own policies.

  • Lazy Delivery Drivers
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