Sanaa, Amanat Al Asimah

all Fedex shipments coming to Yemen must come through Sana'a but Fedex agents doing his personal bussiness by arranging with Sana'a airport customs to block most of shipments for other cities like me i live in Aden city, so they force customers to pay high value fees for Fedex duties+paying customs for items that really not subject for customs law in my case 2 used mobile phone,DHL agent in San'a forward any shipment to nearest airport in my case to Aden airport where i can manage if items are subject to customs or not, no need to pay any fees to Fedex Sanaa or travel to Sanaa for simple items, Fedx sanaa know that travelling to Sanaa is too exensive so they force customers to pay money for them while they can forward my shipment to Aden airport where customs office is availabl also like what DHL did, i will not use Fedex Yemen services again and many friends from Aden face the same and moved to DHL instead to thift Fedex agent in Yemen.

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North York, Ontario, Canada #1226179

I live in sanaa and You are right, also when they open the shipment for customs they steal some of your stuff , I will never use themy and I will move to DHL or aramex


Griffen group or falcon express are the oweners of fedex of yemen they are thives never use them dhl is much better


Yes fedex are thivesci had a package coming from chicago and the manger wrote cleared customs i called her her name is iman she told me the package is still in customs only thevpaper work was relased so she said go to customs and bring it i went to the sirport they said it was relased to fedex wich mean she stole the package i called griffen group the oweners of fedex in yemen but they dont care because the lady is a family member so i am using dhl they are the best


Yes i am from aden the thive called iman wrote dlived to customer on the fedex page but keept the package and the owner of fedx in yemen dont care he is in love with her thats why he made her to be the manager please everone switch to dhl they are great good service


Mr hitham al ainan the owner of fedex dont care because he is in love with iman he lets her do anything she wants i recomond every one to switch to D h L they are the best

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt #855314

There should be an action against such behaviour


hay guys you should raised complains to Mr. Hathem Alainin the owner of Griffin comp. he is a polite man and gentle and i am sure he will take action and fire such *** and *** hole mother *** guy.

they put Yemen down while we want to raise it up

*** them All

Aden, Aden, Yemen #817492

yes i am from aden the thive called iman who is the head manger heald my i phone wich was sent to me from ny and wouldnt send it to aden i had to go to sanna and pay her 50 dollers then she gave it to me fedex should get rid of her


iman the head manager of sanna fedex and her helper safian who is her lover are thives dont use fedex use dhl


iman is a thive she is the headmanager of fedex in sanna she hates all people in aden her helper is safian another thive he is her lover but fedex dont care they are racist

Aden, Aden, Yemen #810169

You guy's just scared me maybe I should you China post and Yemen post is better than this services(FEDEX , DHL) in Yemen .


fedex of yemen are thives because they have a thive as the manager of fedex of sanna and she steals packages and they dont care her name is iman and her helper is safian he is her lover

Sana'a, Amanat Al Asimah, Yemen #790908

Iman still stealing packages she writes dlivered to recipnt but but she keeps packges with the help of sifian onther thive but fedex dont care


yes the head manager is a thive her name is iman i hope they take her out of fedex she is a racist

Aden, Adan, Yemen #756460
:cry yes fedex of sanna are thives irecomend every one to switch to dhl
Aden, Adan, Yemen #754121

yes the fed ex in sanna are thives fedex should do something about them any package that goes to aden is stoped by them and they hold it for money or they will not send it

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