Tracking information has become a valuable resource for consumers when accurate.I have found that the tracking information Fedex posts online is not always accurate.

After having read online that my package was out for delivery, my wife and I spent the entire day taking turns waiting for a package. Having not received anything, on inquiry found the package never went out for delivery. I was told it was never put on the truck.

To make matters worse, an agent I spoke with, said that delivery could not be guaranteed the next day even though they acknowledged knowing where the package was.Delays are tolerable...disinformation/dishonesty isn't.

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Oy, Are you serious?, are YOU serious?Get off your high horse.

They're OK with delays, they're NOT OK with wasting a day due to misinformation. If a company is going to have tracking, they should make it accurate - otherwise, why bother?

And while a wasted day isn't the worst, it's still a wasted day.And maybe they do have cancer, in which case, a wasted day is a big deal.


"Delays are tolerable...disinformation/dishonesty isn't."

When were they dishonest?All of that information is computer controlled and a matter of where it was scanned.

Some person did NOT see your package and think, wow, how fun would it be to input this as "out for delivery" and not do it. Is this really the worst thing you have to complain about?? No cancer? No tornado tearing up your home?

Did you take a sick day off work to wait for this package?Seriously, consider adding grace to your list of virtues.

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