I just I would pass along that insuring a package through FedEx doesn't actually mean you're covered for the declared value.

I shipped some electronics including a couple of laptops using FedEx. The package was insured for the value to replace the equipment. The package was lost by FedEx, so we initiated a claim for the declared value. It turns out that FedEx limits the reimbursement to the lesser of the insured amount or the value of the equipment based on the receipts and some FedEx depreciation schedule.

So, if you bother to insure something using FedEx, you'd better have receipts and understand their method of valuation. You will only receive compensation based on their valuation, NOT based on the declared value on their forms. I don't get it?? I valued the items based on replacement costs, and paid extra based on the value, but FedEx is only reimbursing me based on what receipts I could produce minus their depreciation formula.

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