This is the first time I use Fedex's service and I AM PISSED.

First I was told it takes four business days to receive this package, so I waited at home on the 4th day, and nothing shows up, then on the tracking page it says the package only arrived on the 5th day 3AM. So that being said, I waited for them again on the next day(Friday), guess what, nothing happen again. And around 4:10pm I went out to the front door and found a door tag on my mailbox stating that they came at 2:50pm and no one was home. During the whole day, I heard NO DOORKNOCKS, NO DOORBELLS, all I left was a door tag saying I was not home when they attempt and they need a signature. I mean honesty, do they just look through the windows and assumed no one is home? Didn't even want to waste one second to find the doorbell and press it?(IT'S RIGHT BESIDE THE DOOR, ***!!) and trust me, they are LOUD!

So I called customer service and found out their next attempt can only be on TUESDAY because Monday is Labour's Day and everyone is off, and when I complained to her, she gave me an "Oh, I'm sorry about that..but we cannot send out the package today again, blah blah blah." Then I hung up and called again to file a complain with another customer rep. and got an issue number, "So when they call you back, this is your issue numbers.".

Therefore I decided, I'm going to call them back everyday and demand for an answer, we don't pay you money to sit on your lazy *** and use your so call "sixth sense" to figure out if there is anyone home without taking the time to find a doorbell. IDIOTS.

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I have had the same experience as OP. I cringe when I see a company only has FedEx listed as a shipping option.

Recently, it took them three days to deliver a package that was designated OVERNIGHT shipping. Their first excuse was that they could not find the address. It is a well-marked residential street in a small town...I have never heard of anyone being unable to find it much less someone with GPS. There are regular UPS and FedEx deliveries in our neighborhood.

They also refused to attempt redelivery that day although I called literally 2 minutes after the package status was updated to "Exception-Incorrect Address" (when I finally received the package the correct address was clearly on it). The next day they attempted redelivery again and left a call tag without knocking or ringing the bell. I called immediately after seeing the call tag (less than 10 minutes after the status was updated...I was working in my home office less than 10 ft away from the door, but with my back to the door) and again they would not attempt redelivery that day. I am not sure if that was supposed to be my punishment for being so angry and frustrated with them the prior day for not being able to find my residence.

Finally, the next day at 3pm they managed to get it delivered. None of this would have been a big deal to me if it hadn't been scheduled for OVERNIGHT delivery and if it had been handled in a professional manner. Luckily for me it was not "life or death" material, but I know I would NEVER trust FedEx to handle any important packages for me that are time-sensitive. I think they have a "it'll get there when it gets there" mentality and do not make any attempts to make things right with customers.

Unfortunately, I think that is the case with many oompanies. (And people in general as evidenced by the previous comments. You're right PPs. Blame the customer.

Everyone should spend their entire day sitting on their front porch waiting for a delivery. Heaven forbid anyone who wants a package delivered actually has anything else to do.

We shouldn't expect any company to do what they say. That would mean someone somewhere has to do some work.)


He has a legitimate complaint. Fedex is horrible.

I just ordered an item from California Wednesday next day air. It's been "On the truck" for 3 DAYS NOW...I just called and chewed out the CSR and he promises to get me Saturday delivery..we will see how that goes.

I asked him why they had failed to deliver 3 days in a row and he tried at first to say.."well maybe its because you live in an area where the driver felt it wouldnt be safe to leave it.." I cut him off and said look..I live in a upper middle calls neighborhood...I've received probably 1000 deliveries here and about 900 of them have been left at my door with no problems...he finally admitted "I just don't know..there is no explanation for this kind of unprofessional service". At least the CSR gets it...


you were probably taking a dump and missed the driver!

djbaysumguy(amidoinitrite?) is right, you missed the driver and your taking it out on him and the company, so go die in hole you f.a.g.g.o.t :cry :cry :cry

You are upset not because FedEx did not deliver your package but because you missed the driver. That is your fault not FedEx.

A delivery companies profits are less when they have to pay gas and pay a drivers salary to make repeated attempts to deliver a package. Do you really think the driver has nothing better to do than to come to your home over and over again? So what your saying is that the driver drove to your home, Got out of his pacakge car, searched for your pacakge, carried it to your door, when you did not respond went back to his car filled out a door slip, reloaded the package back on his car and left??? Does that make sense.

Do you really think he stood in front of your door and just gazed at the door and tried to use his "sixth sense" to let you know that he was there??? Or that someone not just the Fedex guy but any delivery person who is hired to carry out a job would stoop so low at to look in your windows.It makes much more sense that you did not hear the driver knock and you missed him. Understand that delivery drivers have a schedule that they have to adhere to. Most package delivery services allow the driver 3 minutes from the time that the pull into your house to the time they have to pull out so if they stand there and bang on your door for an additional 3 minutes the rest of the other customers suffer and it causes a domino affect.

A package delivery driver has between 75 to 100 delivieries stops per day. And all packages that are not delivered on the first day are documented and the driver is held accountable for the non delivery. A good driver will only bring back one to three pacakges a bad one four to five. So the odds are that you missed him.He was there when he was suppose to be there.By the way if there was a delay in your delivery the person responsible for letting you know this was the person who shipped it to you.

You are shooting the messenger. Also every time that you complain the complaint goes on the drivers permanent employee record. So before you make it your mission to destroy someones livelyhood in this economy answer these questions, in that entire period that you waited, did you use the restroom, did you load some laundry or the dishwasher were you ever on the phone,was the television on, did you go to a part of your home that is further away to the front door. Chances are that you did.

Your childish,nasty statements only prove that you think that you are better than others and there is nothing and no one who can please you. i only hope that Fedex reads this and puts you on their do not deliver list.

"Yes they can block you" and then you have to use the postal service and we all know how reliable they are. So if the only thing you have to complain about is this consider yourself blessed

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