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As a small business owner, I buy a lot of my supplies online and every time Fedex was in charge of delivering my products I had to either go to a warehouse to retrieve my package or send my package back.

In the first incident, the driver told the dispatcher he was on his way to my house but, since he never showed up, I had to drive to the closest warehouse (2 hours away) to get my package on the next day.

The second instance took place yesterday, Oct 2nd; after tracking my package on a daily basis, I decided to cancel a job in order to stay home and receive my package.

Well, after waiting almost all day long, I checked their website again and was surprised to see that the new status for my package was: Delivery Exception - Customer not available. I immediately contacted customer service and told them that the driver never attempted to deliver my package.

I told the agent I needed the product to perform a job on Monday and that I was willing to go meet the driver or have him drop my package at a Fedex location so that I could go pick it up myself. The agent contacted the driver and ASSURED me that the driver would "come back" to deliver my package.

Needless to say I waited, and waited and never received the package.

I contacted their customer service again on Sunday to file a complaint and check on my options to retrieve my package. I was baffled to hear that their warehouse was closed on Sundays and Mondays therefore I could not get my package even if I wanted to go pick it up.

Because of this driver's irresponsibility, I lost a job on Saturday and another one on Monday, which ended up costing me $600, not to mention the fact that I won't be home next week to receive my package which will cause it to be returned to the sender.

I would never again buy from a on-line store that doesn't offer shipping options.

This driver LIED about attempting to deliver my package, and in my opinion should be fired.

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I was expecting a package to be delivered to my house on Monday Nov-9-2010, and by 6pm no driver showed up I contacted Fedex customer service 4 times between 6pm and 11pm on Monday and each time I spoke to a different agent and was told 4 different times the driver was going to deliver my package and of course he never showed up, I then contacted Fedex again the following day and was told once again it was going to be delivered on Nov-10-2010 and no attempts were made. When I checked the website it showed delivery exception customer not available but they never made an attempt, once again the following day I contacted Fedex and basically told the same thing again.

I received my package 3days after the schedule date. I will never use or refer Fedex to anyone, the driver and the customer services agents are liars.

They are very inconsiderate of the inconvenience they cause to people. People use these services because they trust them to provide the services promised, Fedex has and will continue to lose customers due to there poor services.


yes, the driver should be fired. lying is against company policy.

however, if you called mon morning and told them to hold the package, they cant send back to shipper. They have to hold the package for up to 5 days.

sorry to hear about losing all that business. also, if this was sent express, u should be entitled to a refund!

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