I ordered something online and had been tracking it for 3 days. it was supposed to be delivered on the 6th.

my husband was home in our apartment AAAAAAALLL DAY!!!!!! when i finally got home at 2:37, i waited patiently for the package. about an hour later when I tracked the package again, it says that customer was not home!!!! there was NO KNOCK AND NO NOTE ON MY DOOR OR MY MAILBOX!!!!!

Then when i tried to pick up the package, having to call the dumb automated woman instead of talking to a real person, it says I cant, i have to wait to get it now.

Whoever was supposed to deliver just didnt try hard enough to find my apartment door and that is unprofessional. GET A REAL PERSON ON THE PHONE INSTEAD OF SOME AUTOMATED B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SAME *** THING happened to me just a few days ago. I was home ALL DAY (and so was my mother) and my 2 dogs that bark at the SLIGHTEST of noises.

no knock. no rustle. no barks. then i see online "customer was not available".

what the ***! so i call and DEMAND the truck turn around NOW since they left like 30 seconds ago.

nope. had to wait another whole *** day.

fedex should DIE!


When you call the automated phone woman and she gives you options, just press 0 and she'll connect you to someone.

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