Package arrived 2 days early and they wouldn't let me pick it up or deliver it a day early. Contacted Amazon and they got the same line of BS. Package is on it's way back to Amazon and I ordered directly from the company that makes the product. I also added instructions for them to not hand the order to FedEx. UPS only. Amazon lost a $400.00 order and I have filed a complaint with the BBB against FedEx's Corporate office for having such losers work for them.

Would the world have come to an end if they gave me my package a day early? I doubt it. They'd rather *** people me off, have Amazon loose money so they can sit on the package for another day.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Wabash, Indiana, United States #858744

You paid for the service they were prepared to supply. To send you the package out early would require effort which you did not pay for.

If you want it early, pay for it. If they were to send it early it would defect the purpose of tying to get more for better service.

That said, whenever my 2 day shipment arrives early they go ahead and deliver it to me. The main distribution center is only 90 miles away and it is too much work to try to separate it out and hold it for the extra day.

therefore, I never pay for the next day delivery as I generally get it anyway. It would be smart for them to ship my product a day later to encourage the occasional next day delivery premium.

to Rnagel #858865

Then maybe you can tell me when a Saturday package comes into a Fedex station on a Friday management tells the drivers to deliver it a day early???

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #858960

Because they probably have enough packages to make a trip out to that area worth it.

Orlando, Florida, United States #858281

If you live out in a rural area and Fedex only has a few packages in your area they aren't going to make the trip. This just makes good business sense.

Why would FedEx send out a half-empty truck and waste the gas?

Also I hope the company you ordered from directly doesn't have a shipping contract with FedEx. Otherwise they will only ship FedEx and you'll never get your package.

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