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I ordered a part for a tractor on 7/28/2020 there tracker said it was going to be here on 8/03/2020 well they lost that then said they found it and would be there the next day. That was a lie, they did that a couple of times and then on Friday I got the part supplier to send another part.

Fedex who lost the other package said they would send it 2 day air. When I looked at their tracker and it said Tuesday delivery I called again and was assured it would be here today by 4:30 so they lied again.

When I called again they told me it was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and was not put on the truck today like they told me this morning. I told them I wanted to go get my part and they said that office closed in 20 minutes and I would have to wait till tomorrow.

User's recommendation: Never, ever use Fedex to deliver anything you want your customers to receive. Customer service are a bunch of trained liars. They had many opertunities to make this right and they opted to lie.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Go open the Carlsbad office and let me get my part now, but of course you wont read this or give a crap about me until its to late. Whats it worth to be able to use your tractor for a whole week that your customer has been waiting on you. .

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