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I ordered a set of Turtle Beach headphones to use as a way to communicate with my friends on the famous Steam gaming engine.I ordered it on May 1st, and FedEx said they would ship it to me within 2 days (I paid for express.) I tracked the product on my iPhone using my Gmail account, and boy was it a crappy adventure.

Not only did I not receive the package on the first day (they informed me that it was a "Shipment Exception") but I didn't receive it YET. It's May 4th and I have called them THREE TIMES. All three times I gave them specific directions to exactly where I live. I basically held their hand through the process and they failed TWO MORE TIMES on the 3rd and today.

It isn't difficult to bring up our address on GPS or with whatever service they use to locate people. I could do a better job than these incompetent fools. It's a miracle to me that they're still in business. I guess I just got screwed over that much.

I guarantee you the driver doesn't even try. He probably looks at the package, doesn't recognize the address and just throws it into the back of the truck. I emphasize the word "THROW" because they're also the worst handlers of delicate packages I've seen! I've had multiple packages never appear at my house (Christmas present from two years ago just never arrived, $100 down the drain.) and when they got to my house, they were either damaged, broken, or not properly packaged.

FedEx, you are a FAILURE.I'm PISSED.

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