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Next time I buy online, I will make certain delivery is not by FedEx! This is a company that has no management, the drivers are idiots, and the overall service including tracking is the worst I've ever experienced!

Anyhow, here's my story. Was originally supposed to get package as shown on their tracking, by 9/13/14, and was a no show. Then tracking changed to 9/17. Well the driver did show, and had the shipping order on hand.

But did NOT have the package! He told me he handed off the package to another truck. Why? Not even the supervisor I talked to today, knows why!

So the driver told me the other truck will most likely not show at my address, and should expect delivery tomorrow. Now it is tomorrow, and still no package! I made 4 phone calls to FedEx, in first two calls, both operators hung up on me. Other two had no idea where my package is, one barely spoke English!

Finally ended up talking to a supervisor, and she too, was completely clueless! Could not say if my package is on a truck out for delivery or where it is!

I'm sure the main Management of this so called company has no idea what is really going on with the people they employ! If I were to screw up as badly as these people do, I'd end up with my walking papers!

But I doubt anyone gets fired from FedEx ever!

If and when they do deliver my package, I will examine the box for damage. IF there is, it will get shipped back to WalMart for a full refund!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #872477

This is very strange.I reside in Texas and My Fedex delivery man is alway's on time with each and Every order that is placed with Fedex.Most of the time he arrive's before the expected date of delivery.

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