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This is the 5th incident I've had with FedEx. Their customer service is pretty much non-existent via phone and is even worse via email. Let me quickly summarize what happened this time.

I made a large order from a clothing company website for Christmas. For whatever reason, it was separated into 2 shipments: one shipping from Ohio via FedEx and the other shipping from Florida via UPS. I live in Pennsylvania, so naturally I thought the FedEx shipment would get here first. After tracking them online, I saw that they were both scheduled to get here in 4 days...Friday, December 20th. I thought this would be a good test between the two companies to see who got here first. UPS showed up at 5:30 on Friday. I went back online to check the FedEx shipment and although the estimated delivery was still for today, the package had spent 72 hours sitting in Newark, NJ...and still hadn't left that facility. I called FedEx for an explanation and after 45 mins of holding, a rep came on and told me some new info. The package was no longer in was in Memphis, TN. The rep had no explanation. And of course, FedEx only delivers on the weekend if you pay I couldn't expect a delivery tomorrow (UPS delivers Mon-Sat by default, no extra fees or anything).

So now I'm leaving for Vermont to spend Christmas with my family and 3 family members won't be getting their gifts from me...thanks FedEx!!

On a side note, I mentioned this was the 5th incident with FedEx. I sent several emails to FedEx customer service when I had an issue before. Over the course of 8 emails, I got an automated apology response with links to FAQs every single time. I eventually started writing to FedEx customer service saying "If you can prove that this is a human responding to my complaint, just include the number 24 in your response"...I just wanted to see if any actual human ever responds to the customer service emails. I sent this message about 15 times over and over again and EVERY SINGLE TIME I got an automated response with no acknowledgement of my question.

So to conclude, FedEx is a disorganized inferior shipping service that places very little value on quality, genuine customer service. UPS is by far a better service. I'm very seriously considering spending my money on a domain like "" or something similar.


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