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I have an existing Fedex account and today I tried to sign up for their Fedex Delivery Manager feature and I had to verify information which could only of come from my credit reports. All of the questions were based upon my credit reports, including some inaccurate information which does not appear elsewhere.

I checked their terms and conditions and nowhere on their site do they disclose they are using personally identifiable information and information from credit reports. I'm concerned that they are keeping this practice secret and are purposely not sharing this intrusion into personal privacy with their customers.

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I was on the phone with FedEx today trying to trace a package. They told me I needed to set up an account before they could do anything.

They tried to do it over the phone and told me I had to answer some “secret” questions. They knew the make and model of my car and asked me what color it is. I asked them how they knew what kind of car I had and they said they got the information from “public” records. Then they asked me more questions and none of the information applied to me.

They said they couldn’t set up the account because I wasn’t answering their secret questions correctly. I told them I couldn’t because I didn’t know the answers. I finally hung up. This is very suspicious to me.

Why would they need to access public records just to set up an account! Something is very wrong and this is a complete invasion of privacy.

I want to report this but don’t know who to talk to. This just is scary and not right.


""come from my credit reports"Unless you all gave up your SS numbers, this info did not come from a credit report. It did come from public information readily available to anyone who will pay for an aggregate service or someone who won't but has the time.Your last known addresses including your childhood home is public knowledgeThat fact that you had a mortgage and who it was from is public knowledge and easy to get.Where you currently work or have in the past is public info.What Is Considered a Public Record?By Mary Jane Freeman ; Updated March 23, 2017Government records, from court cases to property deeds, are usually public records – that is, filed with or kept by a government agency and available for inspection by members of the general public. For instance, if you're interested in buying a vacant home on your street, you can obtain the owner's name by searching the county's land records at your local registrar or county clerk's office – sometimes online – since these documents are public records.However, certain records or information may be blocked from public view because it meets a privacy or confidentiality exemption under state or federal law.


I agree. I just signed (or tried) to sing up with fed ex manager and gave me the group of 4 people I'm associated with and the only one I knew out of the four was my neighbors mom whom is old and doesn't live here. How?


Was looking for information on this and this thread is The only thing I could come up with. I read the terms and services and nowhere does it say that it gets personal information to ask you questions for verification.

It was asking me odd questions related to my deceased brother. They even had his last name mixed up with my biological father's last name Definitely odd and puzzling


Had the same thing happen just now while trying to change my delivery preferences - the 4 names that came up as "associated with"...???...never heard of them! I cancelled that part of the transaction and logged out (I was simply updating my FedEx Delivery info because I moved, and fortunately I was able to enter in my new address without answering the weird ID questions!)

That experience prompted me to get my credit report, which I knew was already fine, but just in case! All seemed in order, so the question remains who were those 4 "associated" people??

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1228102

Yeah, I just "experienced" the attempt to login to Delivery Manager. Very weird...

some of the verification info they have is correct, but some is just wrong, or twisted. Asked me which of four people I'm "associated" with. Never heard of any of them. Asked which of the following people are in "my household." One of them was my father's girlfriend.

Not exactly in my household! Asked about an old phone number - none of them was quite right. Asked about my license expiration date - again, none of them were quite right. So I failed.

3 times. Guess I don't know myself.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1188560

Definitely creepy. I just had this happen to me.


Most questions it asked me were from my credit report which I did not give a second thought. However, one particular question did make me scratch my head.

I have not signed into Fedex for 5 years. Somehow I remembered my login information but it still needed to verify my identity. They still had a really old mailing address on file. One particular question they asked me was to pick the name that was associated with me.

The familiar name listed is someone I became acquainted with around 2010. I have a Facebook account but I do not use it and this person is not "Friended". The e-mail address associated with Fedex is not the same e-mail address used on my Facebook account and I never use the e-mail address that is listed on Facebook. I have never exchanged money with this person nor have I ever had any business dealings with him/her.

The only thing I can think of is this person is in my Google contact list. How is this information legally obtained?

New York, New York, United States #715153

No, no, he's right. You are an ***.

It is very clear what information they will obtain and how. It is very clearly spelled out for idiots like you. Many companies use this info for verification. It's all information anyone can get.

Your SSN is never accessed, so no one is able to steal your identity. You can't steal an identity from knowing a few facts about someone. How else can they verify your address online genius? Oh no, the website might steal my identity now that it looked up my info in a database which already has all of my info!

***. If you have ever lived in a house, had a cellphone, used a credit card, you put your info out there.

to Lol at you Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #715157

I would try to explain it to you so even you could understand, but I don't have the time to raise you out of complete ignorance when it comes to privacy requirements. Perhaps you could provide a link to the url where they state what information they collect. If you can't, then please STFU because you're part of the problem, not the solution.


Your an ***! It's an identification verification system, it uses Id info to verify its you by asking certain questions only you should know the answers to.

It's used in many many different businesses. It has no affect on your credit at all, take the tin foil hat off and relax.

to U sir are a dumb*** Durham, North Carolina, United States #678440

Please stop it. You are embarrassing yourself.

It's obviously intended to verify identity. Any dummy can figure that out. The point is that Fedex does not disclose it's using information from your credit report.

Perhaps you've heard of identity theft. A credit report is all somebody needs to steal your identity.

I suggest you educate yourself on all the issues pertaining to privacy and information security. It's obvious from your statememts that you are fairly ignorant in this area.

to U sir are a dumb*** Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1308521

I'm just wondering why it asked me which of these people I'm associated with and it gave me 4 people's names of whom I do not recognize?

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