Fedex is slow, unreliable, and they lie and will do anything to get you off their customer service line. The employees in the Fedex stores are rude and unaccommodating.


We ordered 3 parts for a car that was already sold, two being shipped with UPS, one with Fedex. We got the other two items the next day but it took over a week for us to get the other package, which Fedex didn't even deliver. They claimed they tried to deliver it on Friday but we were here and there are cameras all over our business and THEY NEVER CAME. We then called customer service several times and they gave us the run around.

They told us it was at a location on Saturday and that we could pick it up but when we got there the location was closed. They then assured us it would be delivered on Monday. It was not delivered on Monday. We called customer service again, more than once and they told us to go pick it up at the same center as Saturday.

We went there and we were told it was on a truck to a different center and that it would be there by 1 pm. We got there at 2 and it was not there. The employees were rude and unwilling to accommodate us in any way.

We called customer service for the ninth time and forced them to call the dispatcher and were told they would be there by three. At 3:30 they finally came, and in the end we got the package 8 days after we got the UPS packages, who's sellers were further away.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Customer service, Being lied to, Service, Delivery service.

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