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I ordered an extremely important package to be delivered by FedEx to me in Arlington, TX, and because I paid for it through PayPal, I could not use my college address. I drove all the way from Houston back home on Friday to get my package.

When I checked the tracking on Saturday, they said it was out on delivery... When I checked again on Sunday it was still out on delivery... I called the REP for FedEx and they said it was on the wrong truck and I have to wait until Tuesday/Wednesday before they can attempt to deliver it again..

This is ridiculous, they;re extremely irresponsible, they put my package on the wrong truck, wasted my drive home, and expect me to wait another week to get my package. I am never using FedEx again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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FedEx Trucks to become sitting ducks for armed thieves. In my state a law is enacted allowing one to shoot to kill intruders into homes and automobiles.

Called the Castle Doctrine such a law removes legal and liability from a gun owner defending home or car from intruders. Already thieves and home invaders are getting killed and they will soon learn that "corporate" entities such as stores and vehicles are "undefended" i.e. guns are prohibited.

FedEx and UPS trucks are sitting ducks for armed thieves and we should expect a trend to develop. It couldn't happen to a nicer company.


Fedex is the worst. They lost one my packages and they will not replace it since I did not buy insurance.

Ummmm you lost it why and you are not going to replace the value cause I did not pay more for insurance. Then they found it they delivered it to the wrong house then they sent it back to the sender and charged me for it. I did not pay the sent me to collections and so I sued and won!!!

you do not need to buy insurance if they damage or lose your items. Tell them that I ship Fedex all the time and I keep my lawsuit papers so when a package shows up damaged I march down and get my money.


Fedex is awful! My package has been in my city since Friday and it is now Tuesday night at 1040 pm and it still has not been delivered only says "in transit." Before it stated that the estimated delivery date would be today well guess what it never showed up and now they removed the estimated delivery date from the website.

UPS and even USPS is way better. Fedex needs to find a way to deliver packages more efficiently because now it just lost my business.


:( I have had the same issues with FedEx many times..Complete garbage!!


Fedex use to be good, but recently they've been getting worse and worse. They have messed up on three separate packages now to our family members.

I recently had enough of poor service from Fedex and asked them to delete my account. Looks like Fedex turned into DHL.


I am furious, I had no idea my package was being shiped stupidpost. What a perfect "pass the buck", "no accountabiity" system.

Call FedEx its the stores fault, call the post office its Fedex's fault, call the store and it's MY fault.

I bought each of my kids a surprise gift from 2 different stores; one kids gift was shipped UPS arrived Friday and kid has been wearing it ever since; 2nd kids gift via KOHL's was shipped stupidpost and has been sitting in WV for days with no plan to move it until Friday and then only to the post office which won't deliver it until Monday or Tuesday and then it still has to go through the University mail system.

WHAT A JOKE. I will never shop at KOHL'S again, nor will I ever use FEDEX.


wow I am currently having the same problem.. I ordered something from ebay which is extremely important for my job on Friday.

Fed Ex was updated and said on Saturday package on truck arrival next business day (Meaning Monday) Yesterday I waited and waited and waited and waited and nothing ever came. Checked the website and all it says is package on truck in route. I called and they said this is a new guy and he is lost he should arrive by 9pm. He never came.

Its Tuesday and I have been waiting all day long and still nothing has come.

I called earlier and they said he will be there around 2pm.

It is now 5pm and no package has arrived. FED EX IS WORTHLESS!!!!!


had the SAME issue... SCREW FedEx!

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