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FedEx Tracking Number 404691575606". I have ordered Microsoft Aluminium Badge holder from Ecompanystore on 20th Aug and Shipment arrived in India, Mumbai on 28th Aug.

I came to know that shipment has arrived in Cargo mode and waiting for Clearance. Fedex informs me that I have to hire a CHA to clear Cargo shipment... What ***.. who asked you to ship this shipment in Cargo Mode.

it was suppose to come in normal Delivery Express mode. After 2 weeks of run around. I finally has to given up and hire CHA to clear the shipment.

I would never ever recommend FEDEX for shipments. I had a horrible time with them ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #191195

look at the tracking was a customs delay, more of a paperwork problem then a fedex problem. look to the shipper for the answers


Hi Zaedo, Company that I have ordered from has sent in normal Express delivery mode. It is Fedex who has changed the Shipping mode.


So the company you ordered it from sent it using a different shipping method, and you're angry with Fedex? Sorry, but that doesn't make sense.

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