I will make sure I do not use them again. Trying to run a truck down when you are nearly 9 months pregnant with no resolution *** me off!

I called customer service immediately having actually saw the truck and instead of them trying to successfully track down the truck they give me reasons that it may not be the guy - Please I was looking at the door tag and the time. Does Fedex think I'm ***! I suggest they work on customer service. I work and sitting with the door opened to see Fedex (with no ETA of course) is not feasible!

Don't their trifling azzes have cell phones.

Don't they think it's a problem when a customer calls less than 10 minutes after the "supposed" delivery attempt!

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My fedex ghetto delivery guy beeps several times rather then getting out of his vehicle. As if I'm supposed to come out to the effin truck to retrieve the package.

If I don't open the door quick he drives of with no effort to knock. So when I do open the door fast enough then he gets his lazy *** out and reluctantly brings the package the 100 ft across my front lawn to the front door. He's standing in for a decent one who used to deliver here. First time he came he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and came all the way to my front door and let smoke pour into my house.

I was livid and speechless. I should have yelled at him, but now a days you never know if thats gonna get you killed. This last time he has his gangster rap music pumping so loud my kids heard tons of new words. I'm pretty open minded about rap but this was disgusting.

I can not believe this is what service has come to.

Shame on FedEx, I'll never use them, and I'm starting to ask companies I buy from to not use me to deliver to me. I hope they read this.


I couldn't agree more, FedEx Home just plain sucks. They give you a 11 hour window and expect you to just sit there waiting, they can't give you any estimated ETA, even when you call several times...I thin UPS would be better, and am going to complain to the shipper...never again will I wait 24 hours for FedEx Home to deliver...


I'll never order anything shipped via FedEx ever again.

Package was time sensitive, but I was assured it would make it in time (needed it by Monday for sure). It was originally scheduled to deliver on Friday. I call their 800 number at around 7 to find out they rescheduled for Saturday. So I cancel my Saturday plans to sit at home and wait for the parcel --- Here's the issue. We are expected to scheduled our lives around these *** and their volatile shipping times, but they can just cancel delivery on a whim!

Back to the story, it was then scheduled to be delivered on Saturday. So I sit at home ALL day waiting for it. 7 pm rolls around, and I call the 800 number again. They tell me to wait til 8. So I do. Nothing. So I call back. They tell me the driver attempted delivery... BOGUS. I never left! No tag. Our house is the FIRST one on the street, no way to miss it. In fact, I had the window open to listen for the truck. Nothing! The driver lied.

And you know what? Accountability = zero.

Absolutely unacceptable. I will not order FEDEX again. Terrible service.

I hate to say this being a libertarian, but USPS is the most reliable service and it's flipping government run. These businesses need to stop making these pacts with UPS and FedEx if they aren't going to offer better service. Amazon, you're next. Stop shipping FedEx!

to Eric in NH Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #587017

FedEx is the worst. Ship USPS.


FedEx is absolutely horrible.

They never actually attempt to deliver a package to my house. They always leave it at the post office with a note stating "The recipient was not home."

I'm always home.

The only time a FedEx delivery was actually delivered to my house, the driver was new. It was his first route with FedEx, but he had formerly driven for UPS. It was fantastic! But alas, he quit the job, and they brought back the old driver. We've complained numerous times. Our house isn't hard to find at all. They just put no effort into it.

Today I received a package, the normal mail man had to bring it because FedEx had left it at the post office. It was soaked completely through. It was torn and the cardboard wasn't even in one piece anymore because of the water damage. The poor mailman had to apologize on FedEx's behalf. :sigh

This has been going on for years. They won't reply or even acknowledge any of our complaints, and I can't take it up with the drivers because I've never even had the opportunity to meet one. Sans the former UPS driver, of course.

I always cringe when I see that something is going to be sent via FedEx, but if I have any choice in the matter I go with UPS or USPS.


a 7 lb box, 8 days from FL to MA, busted open the box, destroyed the contents of the box and then decided they needed to bring it back to the terminal to inspect the box. :(

Next time I'll just walk it up to MA.


All couriers only understand business, not residential. Order from vendors that use USPS/CP, if possible.

Forget home delivery, especially if you have a job.

From the start, pay the extra fee and have it directed to the nearest outlet.

USPS and CP give notification when an item is ready for pickup. Fedex/UPS/purolator don't, because they are incompetent.


Fed Ex is the absolute worst for home delivery. I always worry when I order something and it says it's shipping by Fed Ex.

It's always a problem. Awful, awful, awful


Package waited 2 days in local FedEx office before it was finally shipped out. Then my package was shipped back to FedEx office because the package didn't get out the day it was supposed to because they didn't get to my house so now I have to wait over the labor day weekend before they will finally ship my package, 3 days after it should have came.


*** workers are not picking up the phone, and delivering the parcel to my office for too long! I hate this *** delivery service!

Viva la DHL!)))


I despise Fedex for home delivery. If there is any choice other than Fedex for package delivery I will request it because it always takes several extra days for me to get any package by this service. Generally I end up having to pick it up myself from these a-holes, after getting some snotty customer service when I try to figure out where the package is.


Fedex needs to get its delivery right. I stayed home all day for delivery of a package which required a signature.

My car was parked at the house with the front door open so they could see through the glass. I kept going out the front door checking but no Fedex. After no delivery truck, I went outside and walked around my house. Door tag stuck on side door.

They didn't even ring the door bell.

I always try to avoid having anything shipped to me by Fedex. This is not the first time.

Another time, the truck never came out....too much to deliver and went back. If coming by Fedex I suggest having them hold package and go pick it up like I am doing.

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