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I am waiting for time-sensitive, important documents to arrive. They were supposed to arrive on Monday. I tracked the package online and it said "Incorrect address. Customer not available." Alright, so I called FedEx to confirm my address and it was the correct address! They guaranteed me it would be delivered next day. Next day: it wasn't delivered. I checked again today and the SAME THING HAPPENED! Both times they did not ring the doorbell nor leave a notice on the door. I call customer service and each time they tell me that they will do what they can but can't guarantee when it will come. What's the point of paying for this service then?? I'm so Fed Up with FedEx.

I can't believe the laziness and/or incompetence of these drivers. Don't use FedEx!

By the way, UPS is no better. I've had the same issues with them, more than once.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I hate fedex, Not only do they not function properly, when you call and talk to them they are no help. They just repeat what is on the tracking web page.

I asked if they could contact the local office to get a message to driver and they refuse. Doesn't matter if we need this surgical equipment and the patient is on the table.

I hate fedex and if there was competition maybe they would actually try a little bit or care about their customers. I wish the whole company would implode.


Same thing happened to me today!!! I've been waiting for my new I-phone 4S and I had the delivery address for my job which is a building and someone is here all day.

The tracking said that they attempted delivery at 10:39 this morning, which they did, but they were told to go to the 3rd floor to have it signed for. Instead of these *** going to the 3rd floor, they left and said it was an incorrect address. I called them up screaming and they said that they cannot guarantee that they will re-deliver today.

I've been sitting at my desk all day waiting for these douche bags to come back (without even taking a lunch break) and it is now 2:10 and they still have not arrived!!! I hate these friggin ***!!!

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