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Business owner and use this horrible company to ship. They will allow any person who can provide a tracking number to change the addresss, the shipper pays added fees.

Have made multiple requests to add to system and they claim they do until a change has been made without the shipper's consent. Lose envelopes in facilities, envelopes sitting at stations, deliver to wrong address. Fees up the ying yang, fuel, residential, out of area fee, signature, Could go on.. Do they care?

*** No, we aren't shareholders! Fred Smith could care less about the service his company provides, he's freaking rich.

He only cares about his bank account and the shareholders. Fat Fred forgets it's the businesses and people that ship with their company that matters, but they are out of touch!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Account.

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Fedex left tag on door unable to deliver with out signing..The door bell never rang and had some one knocked hard enough the dog would have barked like crazy as she does with every knock and door bell. Called customer service spoke with a rude representive that said well sign it and put it back on the door.

Why he would use back door is questionable although it too has a door bell but my front door is wide open where my address of 203 is visualy seen. I have had other issues with this company and will no longer use them again.


Have similar experiences with Fedex. Fool me once I consider it my bad luck, fool me twice ...

and you know the rest. That is what Fedex does to their paying customers. Don't count on their managers to correct something. They wash their hand so fast and dump you.

For domestic I use USPS Priority Mail.

Guaranteed to arrive in 3 business days and it does not cost as much as an express Fedex. I am dumping Fedex as far as I am concerned.

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