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I shipped a gift from Los Angeles to my girlfriend in NYC leaving a full 9 days for delivery. I brought the package to the FedEx Office (used to be Kinkos) store, had them pack it, and fill out all the shipping options. I selected 3-5 day ground freight. The package needed to get to her within 9 days in order to arrive prior to us both leaving the country to meet up at a relative's wedding.

Let me start by saying that at no time did I or my girlfriend request that the package be held at the FedEx location, or indicate that there would be no one at her building to receive (and sign for) the package. Also, despite the fact that BOTH our phone numbers were on the shipping label, neither of us got any calls about the package.

Let me also note here, that she lives in a 55 floor, doorman building in mid-town Manhattan with a 7am - 7pm package concierge who signs for ALL packages.

We were expecting the package to arrive that Thursday, when it didn't we thought "ok, maybe Friday then?". Well by Saturday I was pretty livid. I called FedEx and was told that the package had been held at the shipping office because "a future delivery date had been requested". When I informed them that we had requested no such thing, I was told they couldn't see *why* it had been requested or *who* had requested it, just that it had been requested.

When I asked if they could get it delivered by Monday at the latest (she was leaving at 5am Tuesday morning) I was PROMISED by a supervisor that it would go out with the Monday ground shipments. Imagine my dismay when I went to the FedEx tracking utility on Monday, expecting a status report of the package leaving the FedEx office, and found...really??? Nothing???

So I get back on the phone, and was told that the package didn't go out. Well I already knew that...but could they tell me why? Of course could I expect them to know why the supervisor in question would promise something and then NOT follow through.

There were some half-assed insincere apologies, but no offers of any sort of refund for the "service" or compensation for a second purchase of the gift they were holding, or really anything. No solutions, no refund...nothing. AND my 3-5 day shipment...oh 9 days later and it's still not here. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'll never ship with FedEx again.

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The problem is not that "things" happen, but you really do get to see the quality of the service you're paying for when they do. For instance, after receiving my calls regarding the matter a company who was concerned with the quality of their service would have:

a) not promised to get it to its destination if they knew they had no ability to do so.

b) offered a refund for the service they failed to provide.

c) offered some course of action to get said refund if they were not able to give it themselves.

d) since it was a time-sensitive gift in question, they could have offered to reimburse me for the cost of RE-purchasing the gift.

They did none of these things...and THAT is why I'm pissed. Of course I understand that things go wrong, but as a business offering a service FedEx should be MUCH better prepared when they do.

Did I mention that the package was being held less than 15 miles away? Still no: "just come pick it up" or "ok, we'll pay for a local courier service to deliver it today" etc...

My point: there are ALWAYS solutions to a problem if as a business you care about finding them. I still think FedEx sucks...but best of luck using them.


Things happen, but overall, I have been quite satisfied with FedEx compared to say, the USPS or UPS. I now ship almost all of my large packages by FedEx and use the end of day two day rate which has always gotten the package to it's destination in two days.

Wonderful service, but if something goes wrong, it really does go wrong. Again, "things" happen, even to the best of them.

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